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Nameken haskins
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MessageYankees have been my favorite team my whole life. I am now in my late 50`s and Thurman Munson was my very favoite player. I injoy watching Jetter and Cano play ball.
Thanks for the memories.
Ken Haskins

NameThomas Mostowy
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MessageMunson outplayed all his contemporaries head-to-head, including Bench in the World Series. Best catcher I ever saw, and I go back to Berra and Campenella.

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NameLarry Silvestro
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MessageI have seen a broken down HERO in MANTLE thru Jeter.Thurman was everything a YANKEE is suppose to be and more.He batted 300 and had100 rbi's 3 years in a row as a catcher is unheard of.Keeping
THE CAPTAIN out of the HOF is what's wrong with baseball.The stats orlittle things that are keeping MATTINGLY out should be the things that put THURMAN in.While we are at it can someone explain to me ,how is whitey herzog in the hall and Billy Martin,who was on the same ticket is out?Once again that's what's wromg with this game.
Those of you who seen Martin as manager know what I am complaining about. REST IN PEACE THUMAN,BILLY

NameTom Tunison
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MessageBest finish ever for hits in a season for a catcher = Thurman Munson, 1975, 3rd place behind Hall of Famers, George Brett and Rod Carew. No catcher has ever led the league in hits, or finished second for that matter. Only 12 catchers have finished in the top 10 for hits in a season in the games history. Thurman also finished in 4th in 1976 and 4th in 1978 . Thurman Munson = standout catcher and standout player!! One of the best hitters in the games long history. Hall of Fame would be much, much better with him in it!!
Also, Rod Carew had 6 seasons in the 1970's where he hit .300 or better. Thurman Munson was next with 5 seasons of hitting .300 or better. Munson missed tying Carew when he fell 2 hits shy of a .300 batting average and finished at .297 in 1978 . All of this from a catcher, the toughest most demanding position on the field!!

Nameterence loughlin
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Messagei remember

NameZane Pasquino
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MessageThanks for sharing your thoughts here. I really appreciate it.

Namerich mcerlean
Messagebetween morgan and murray there should be munson.
15 forever!

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MessageHey there! Nice resource! Does anyone know more blogs on this topic?

NameChris Ferrara
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MessageI grew up in the seventies and have always thought Thurman Munson deserves to be in the HOF. After watching his Yankeeography bio and reading several excellent books, including October Men, Ladies and Gentlemen the Bronx is Burning and watching the subsequent mini-series, I have more respect than ever for Thurman Munson. He belongs in the HOF.

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