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NameBob Chamberlain
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MessageFor some lucky reason I saw him play a handful of times in Seattle when I was a kid.

My dad took us to see the Yankees play 3 years in a row from 77-79. The last time I saw him play was about 3 weeks before he died.

Maybe every kid who watched baseball did, but for some reason I started calling Munson my hero back then.

I can still remember the moment when I heard he had died.

My older brother was a bit of a rascal and he called me on the phone to give me the bad news. I refused to believe him, but when I turned on my grandfathers TV, it was the first thing I saw.

Thank you for this site. I was lucky to see your sponsored page at the baseball Resource site.

Keep up the good work, and I will spread the word best I can, and one day soon send a letter.

Thank You,

Bob Chamberlain

NameRob Cummings
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MessageI was 11 years old, and quit playing baseball the day Thurman died. Even my kids know who Thurman is, and buy me Thurman gear whenever they find it...they are 13 and son requests #15 on every team he plays on...and his coaches ask him who's number? and are floored when he responds "Thurman Munson, the greatest catcher to ever play the game"...make me proud to teach them history, and not how much $$$ you can make...Rob

NameGary Gage
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MessageAnother year gone by, and today Sandberg & Boggs were welcomed to the hall of fame. Both were admittedly talented players, but even when you combine the talents of those two, they couldn't hold Thurman's ( ).
They can call it the hall of fame all they want to, but it will never be truly the baseball palace until they put Thurman's placque where it should have been twenty five years ago.
RIP Captain
Councilman Gage

Namemike felko
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Messagewhat more is needed to be said about this man?

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