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Namemike washburn
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Namesteven self
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Messagewhen i think back to the yankees in the 70's the first guy that comes to my mind is Thurman Munson. He was clutch. I loved the Yankees and I loved Thurman Munson, I was at a boys camp in 1979, 12 years old when i got the mail from home 2 days after his death, see we had no t.v.'s at camp or really no news from the world until mail came,and my grandmother sent me a clipping from the paper about his crash with a note that said i'm so sorry. I never will forget that day and I have never seen a better catcher since that day or a better clutch hitter in a big game since that day. My son has his picture by his bed because that is the kind of ball player i want him to aspire to be. they talk about Barry Bonds nowdays being voted in the Hall, that's a joke when Thurman aint there. they ought to be ashamed of themselves for not having such an all around ball player sitting on the outside. I tell my son stories of the way baseball was played back when it was a Great Game,it's a game meant for kids, Thurman Munson played it like a kid who just loved being on the field. I hope one day they will give his family what they deserve by putting him in the Hall.

NameAndrew DeRose
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MessageI wasn't even a year old when Thurman Munson passed away. When I was able to understand the game of baseball, especially it's history, my father had it engrained in my head to act and play like Thurman Munson. I would have loved to see him play. He deserves the Hall of Fame. Until this day there is a special bond between my father and I whenever we talk about Thurman Munson.

NameEdward Dwyer
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MessageIt is simple, the numbers back up a plaque in Cooperstown. The leadership and clutch performance only seals it.

NameJack M.
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MessageThurmon Munson was an outstanding baseball player with excellent statistics. The Yankee Captain deserves to be in the hall of fame because he earned it. The fact that he is not in the hall of fame is a shame becasue he is worthy.

That Yankee team never recovered from his death and they just seemed to go through the motions that season. Number 15 should join number 4 as the second Yankee Captain in the hall of fame.

NameJulie Anne Ianello
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MessageI was almost 17 when he died, and I loved him! In my opinion he was the best defensive catcher in the Majors. He deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. I used to have the utmost respect for the Hall, but I will never respect it until they stop ignoring him!

NameButch Epes
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MessageThurman was the Best!!! I became a Yankee fan when the Senators left DC. I grew up in DC. I followed Thurman in the box scores of the Washington Post and the Evening Star newspapers after all Yankee games.I AM A THURMAN MUNSON FAN for life and have been a Yankee fan since 1972. I have several pix of Thurman from opening day games of 1976 and 1978 which I took on my trip to NYC. Thurman was a clutch hitter. I loved watching the "frozen ropes" he would hit. THURMAN BELONGS IN THE HOF!!!

NameKen Petroski
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MessageAnyone who is a baseball fan, old or young, knows about #15. I still wear a yankee jersey with his name and number on the back. I ask any baseball fan from that era if they remember what they were doing the day Thurman perished on Aug. 2, 1979 and you know what... each of them remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing, why? B/c the death of Thurman made such an impact on our lives in the same way that his baseball career did. Thurman was old school and he was a true baseball player who played the game with heart and guts. Yes, his stats speak for themselves but a catcher is special in the major leagues and deserves special consideration b/c of the wear and tear on the body, playing that position 150 games a year. Thanks for the memories Thurman!! Great Site, i really enjoyed this. Brought back a lot of great memories during a time when the game had heroes like Thurman. PEACE.

Namesteve rubibino
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MessageIn my eyes the greatest man ever to wear pinstripes. His numbers weren't the greatest, above average, but not the greatest. But what he brought to the field, how he made the players on his team feel, the way that he felt that baseball was a war, not a game, fighting each day during his career. The way he helped shape baseball, his team, and help anyone who needed him, he was an amazing ball player. Being a Yankee isn't about numbers, it's about heart.

NameHerbert Collier
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MessageIn the 10 years he played, and until he died, Thurman Munson put up Hall-of-Fame effort and results. How can he be denied his rightful place in baseball history because he only lived to play 10 years. Thurman deserves to be in, and the Hall of Fame is diminished because he is not.

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