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MessageNumber 15 absolutely deserves to be in the Hall. As a young boy growing up in the NYC Tri-state area, I idolized Munson for his skill, tenacity, and blue collar, get it done attitude. The man played through so many injuries, unlike the coddled cry babies we have today. Munson represented the best of MLB, an honest, hard working, and at times hot tempered player who simply loved the game. Vote Thurman in, for the thousands of fans who knew him and for the generation now that deserves to have a worthwhile role model.

NameKarl von der Heyde
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MessageFor God's sake... there have been few men in whose company Thurm sits. He's got the 14th WAR as a catcher in the history of the recorded game. He was pretty much a career-long all-star and was the heart and soul of one of the best teams ever assembled. And... we're talking about the Hall of Fame. I don't care about stats... to the fans who attend, the very people whose presence keeps the Hall financially viable, it's JUST AS MUCH about sentimentality. And EVERYONE, from EVERYWHERE, loves Thurman Munson. His name and number hang beside Mantle, Gherig and Ruth at Yankee Stadium, arguably the High Cathedral of Baseball.
It's TIME. Vote Munson in. #15 forever.

NameMatt Rohrbaugh
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MessageHis stats say it all, there is no excuse for someone with those stats to not be voted in. Thurman Munson was the complete package. He has been my only professional sports hero my entire life. I was born and raised in the same home town, Canton, Ohio. A Hall of Fame City of another sport, but I'm certain a driving force behind Thurman's drive to success. I will always remember August 2, 1979...Send the letters, vote my hero where he rightly belongs!

NameThurman Munson
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MessageHe deserves it!

NameEd LaMarr
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MessageVote in the Captain

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NameBrendon Fray
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MessageThurman Munson, aside from being my hero, was the quintesencial catcher for his time. Had he lived, he most assuredly would have been elcted to the HOF. I am aghast that he has yet to be inducted. His statistics are on par with many catchers who have been inducted and in many cases better. His career was cut short by his early death. This should not be an excuse to leave him out of the Hall. Do the right thing. Elect Thurman munson to the Hall of Fame where he belongs. His impact on so many of the young fans cannot be measured with mere statistics. His honor and his strength are what made him a hero and we should honor him as such. Put him in there already!!!

NameTimothy R. Armstrong
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MessageA field general nonpareil.

Namejim robinson
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MessageI thought that Thurman Munson was in the HOF its appauling that he is not. Its time to correct a wrong with the right thing to do of placing Thurman in the HOF where he belongs and deserves.

NameAndrew Spark
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MessageIt is crystal clear to me that Thurman Munson belongs in the Hall of Fame. He is being punished for dying young because of his devotion to his family. This is a grave injustice.

Though he had a off year or two, he was a standout from his rookie season. He was the heart and soul of the team which restored yankee excellence, which is the epitome of baseball excellence, brought them to the series after their longest drought, and was league mvp. He played a position where few excel offensively, and some of those that have, sucked defensively. He handled pitchers well-fritz peterson had a lower ERA in his yankee career than whitey ford. He played in a park that was fairly tough on right handed hitters, and another (shea) that was tough on all hitters. He's entitled to some level of statistical extrapolation-after all, he was only 32. And we're still talking ablut him. Its not all about statistics.

He was named Yankee Captain when it had been a given no one would be named Captain again. He gets extra points for having his career cut short. It seems like the overriding philosophy of those who are against him getting in was an assumption that he was washed up. His power numbers were down, but he was never a power hitter anyway and a lot of players start hitting for more power in their mid 30s, since he was killed before men peak in strength.

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