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NameChristopher Hahn
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MessageThurman Munson was the first Catcher in the history of baseball to have 4 consecutive seasons of at least 180 hits (1975 - 1978). That is an astounding statistic for a Catcher and shows what kind of player he was... He played everyday and gave everything he had to turn that team into World Champions. Another of my favorite statistics for Thurman is that he had 45 postseason hits in 30 postseason games. Incidentally Johnny Bench also had 45 postseason hits, but he did it in 45 games. Thurman was clutch, always rose to the occasion to give his team exactly what it needed. The Hall of Fame without Thurman Munson is a dis-service to the Hall of Fame. What more could Thurman have given to baseball between August 8, 1969 and August 2, 1979?

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NameAngel Vincent Feliciano
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MessageI still remember the day I was told that Thurman died in a plane crash. Thurman was my childhood idol. I played catcher because of Thurman even though I grew up in Boston. He was clutch at the plate and every ball he hit was a line drive. These are the things I remember about him. I hope some day he is put into the hall of fame. I will definitely attend.
AV Feliciano
Houston, Texas

NameRobert Shields
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MessageBest catcher ever to play. The hall should be ashamed of themselves

Namekevin kaderli jr
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MessageVote Thurman in this man deserves it long over due a true warrior! One of the worst days of my life when it happened will never forget it! Please vote him in!

Namerichard renaud
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MessageI was a huge Thurman Munson fan,as a matter of fact I studied his batting style.He really diserves induction into Hall of Fame,he had a great career that was tragically cut short.I hope the comittee will vote Thurman into HOF.

NameLee Godin
MessageThank you for creating this site, let's hope we can all get the veteran's committee to seriously consider Thurman Munson for the Baseball Hall of Fame. He belongs there.

NameDennis Hurley
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MessageMunson had almost 10 years in the big leagues
During those years, he was one of the greatest catchers to have played the game.
He belongs in the Hall.....without a doubt.

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NameBeth Orliss
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MessageThurman Munson was and will always be my favorite ball player: Emotionally dynamic, physically awe inspiring, and breathtaking on the eyes.


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