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Namebob battle
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MessageI believe it is way past the time..let's vote him in..Idols are so unheard of in the day and age, but this man has been my idol for many years and he still is..i can't think of a better man or player that deserves to be voted in..

NameNancy Rifkin
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MessageVote Thurman Munson into the Hall of Fame!

Namestamatis bratsano
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Messagei was born in 1965. as far as i can remember the first yankees I knew were Thurman, Murcer, Blomberg, Nettles, Horace clark, roy white, sparky lyle,Stottlemyer, even celerino sanchez. and ralph Houk,who we just lost was the skipper. they werent too good but they were my team and i rooted them on on channel 11 every night. Thurman was my favorite from day 1. some of my friends liked murcer the best but not me. Thurman just stood out. I remember a game vs. the O's where mike torrez hit him and later on Thurm grounded out but stopped runing to 1st and went after him.
musta been scary for Torrez. I watched them thru the dismal early 70s til they put it altogether in 77. i was on vac. in Greece with my mom when my dad wrote to me in midsummer they were 14 gms out but were playing better of late. that sept. afternoon vs the sox we listened to the game on the radio and then watched it at home. unreal! I was in Fla at my aunts when the news reported about the accident. cried myself to sleep. Again, unreal! except it was real. if thurm had continued you bet he woulda padded his numbers nicely and been a cinch for the H.O.F. so i say put him in! hes deserving without a doubt. lemme know what else if anything i can do on this end to help make it happen. GO YANKS!!

NameBrian Smith
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MessageI remember coming home from work and my housemates told me that Thurm had been killed. They were having a party. I told them to me that was the WORST joke that you could tell a Yankee and Thurman Munson fan. When I realized that they were not kidding I went to my room and cried like a baby. I was like the two kids in Bill Gallo's great cartoon. Except I was 28. If Carlton Fisk in the Hall then he should be carrying Thurm's equipment bag like a rookie. And I'm from Vermont, about 50 miles where Fisk grew up (although NOT a member of Red Sux Nation).
May the Veteran's committee see the light and PLEASE VOTE THURMAN MUNSON IN!!!

Namejames "thurm" corrao
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Messagesince i was 10 years old, thurmans rookie year, i have worn no. 15, and been a catcher.other than my dad, thurman was and is my hero. nobody----yes nobody played the game with as much heart, as well as skill as he, with the exception of maybe one derek jeter.pick any other catcher in the hall of fame and look at their ststs for any 9 years and thurman is right there with the rest of them. hell compare his stats with jackie robinson, yes thats right jackie robinson. thre is absolutly no reason why this man for all his accomplishments, publishrd or not should hang in those hallowede halls. 15 forever !! lpng live the smilie smilie

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Messagethurman munson is hall of fame

Namelarry bentley jr.
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Messagethurman munson should be in the hall of fame he has good career numbers

Namemike monzione
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Messagei played football and baseball with thurman in high scholl at lehman high great guy it is ashame he is not in the baseball hall of fame smilie smilie smilie

NameCharles F Reed
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MessageThurman Munson should be in the Hall of Fame. I do not understand why it has no been done. You can not say it was because of a short career. Look at Roy Campanella and Sandy Koufax for a couple of prime examples. Also look at the numbers. If he played an entire career you know he would have passed 3000 hits easy, he is a 7 time all-star, that would have continued.
So what are they waiting for? Why are they avoiding him?
I did have the pleasure of visiting the Hall of Fame in 1987 and they did have his full uniform and gear in a glass case. Very nice and very cool. Now we need the plaque. Let's get moving Hall of Fame Board.
With respect,
Charles F Reed

NamePaul Bonfiglio
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MessageThurmnan was one hell of a leader on the NY Yankees. He inspired me to be a catcher in my Little League days all though I am left handed I got behind the plate with a fielders glove and caught all the way up to the Major League. When I was advanced to the Babe Ruth League I tried out for catcher and when I got behind the plate with a fielders glove the coach thought I was nuts, and wouldn't let me try out so out to the field I went and that was the down fall of my Career in Baseball. Thurman I love you man and will always remember you. You were taken from us way to young I guess they needed a Catcher in Heaven.

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