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MessageI look forward to meeting you on October 9 2011 in Camrose, Alberta.

NameDwayne (Skipper) Madsen II
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MessageHello Jimmy:
I wonder if you remember my parents Rev. Dwayne and Nadine Madsen, from Calvary Temple in Owensboro, Ky. back in the early 60's? I remember you and your wife Carole came a number of times for revivals, and I loved listening to Carole play her autoharp. I remember coming to Nashville at least once to visit, and your Mom babysat me for awhile. She let me look around your Dad's study, which was the coolest room, full of cowboy stuff. I was fascinated with it. I also remember being in the backstage of the Grand Ole Opry and met some people. The one I remember the most was a woman that Mom said was Loretta Lynn.

Anyway, my parents died this year and I have been going through their old pictures. There are a few of you and Carole and I think your first child. I wish you the best. God's love, Skip smilie

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MessageHi Jim--I was a fan of your Dad's for 50 years-followed his career from Canada to Nashville.I no doubt have every Hank Snow record-album-c'd-cassette. I regret my not ever meeting him-but his music still lives in my heart--Yes--Hank Snow is still "Moving' On"--God Bless him-you and your family


Nametroy worcester
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Messagebrother jimmy just spent 2 night services at revival tabernacle in mt holly with you and brother mayberry and what a awesome showing of the holy ghost had a great time hope to see you soon god bless. p.s. hope you enjoy the dvd gospel road if for some reason it doesnt work let me know i will be shure to send one to you.

NameBarbara Ciz
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MessageHi Jimmie, i am a friend of Martins. I just wanted you let you know how much i love your music. play your cd all the time. Martin just left and he laughed when i took him out in the van it was on. I am really looking fiorward to seeing you up here in cold lake in oct. Have a safe trip. Barb

Namesheri snow
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MessageThis is a reply to Robert Braswell. Jimmie will be preaching tonight 9/19/11 - 9/20/11 In answer to your question about Jimmie being close to Gastonia NC. The church he will be preaching at tonight in Mt.Holly is about 13 miles from Gastonia.

Revival Tabernacle Of Mt.Holly
826 Charlotte Ave.

NameRev. Troy Current
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MessageDr.Snow, I meet you for my second time at the AGOF, in Stanley N.C. at Revival Tabernacle, you are such a blessing to me, I thank god for your service to him. I pray for you and your wife all the time. im looking forward to your teaching in mt. holly n.c. I'll see you there Bro.Snow God bless you

NameRobert Braswell
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MessageI have always been a great devotee of your dad, HANK. I saw him in person at Rhine Main Air Force base in Frankfort, Germany. I was in the Army and traveled about 100 miles for the concert.
We next saw him at the colliseum in Charlotte N.C.
I was very pleased to find your page on the internet. Would like to hear your testimony and preaching. Please advise if you are ener near Gastonia, N.C. I am a Christian and love to hear someone expound on what our FATHER has given him.

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NameSteven Davey
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MessageSaw the movie "Walk the Line" recently, was pleased to see your symbol of the cross within the star of David in the background of your interview on Johnny Cash's faith. I have seen the light & understand that religion is of man & sacredness is of God. My earthly duties (Karma) have always included finding those that are desperately longing for the light & helping them find it. Now there is renewed purpose in this duty thanks to the example of Mr. & Mrs. Cash & your part in their story, Thank You.

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