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NameBarbara Dee
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MessageDear Pastor Snow and Sherri;
May GOD richley Bless you both. Itoured with
you in Canada. It was a real blessing. And a
real honour to do Gods work with you. I hope we
can do it again soon. I could realy feel the
Holy Spirit in your music and messages. When we were on tour in Canada Paster Snow you touched
alot of Hearts. God is realy working through
you. Both of you are very very speacial to me.
God Bless
Barbara Dee

NameRhonda Burns
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MessageIt is so good to listen to you broadcast on Sunday mornings on WYTM in Fayetteville, Tennessee.I really enjoy it. I heard about it whenyou were talking to Tommy on Saturday morning program. I live about 15 miles from Lynchburg and was glad to know that God work is back in that beautiful buidling there. It was so sad to go by and know that it was empty. I fill that he sent you to that building . I will keep you and your minstries in my prayers each and every day. May God Bless You. smilie

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NameMartin Kushnerick
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MessageDear Pastor Snow and Sherri
May God richly bless you and Sherri with an abundance of love and good health. So looking forward to your return trip to Canada this fall. You have many friends in Canada, and I am certainly looking forward to being with both of you again.Love your website and must say love the songs from your earlier years. God gave you a gift and your gift back to God is spreading the word of Jesus. Love you so much and so proud to call you my friend.

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Messagebro jimmy i just check your site. good to see your work going good. praying for you DR JIMMY VAUGHAN

Namewilma glover
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MessageBro Jimmy And Sherry ,Glad you are with us at River Of Life in Lynchburg . You are kind ,sweet people and we appreciate your pastors heart . We are praying the Holy Spirit will help us to be a church that reaches out to this place for Christ and his kingdom. Thank you for your obedience to our Lord in sharing your ministry with us . God Bless YOU . Wilma Glover

NameBrenda Russell
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MessageI pray that I am not mistaken that you are preaching in Lynchburg, Tennessee. I think that is wonderful. I attend the Church of Christ but want to welcome you to our community. There is room for everyone that wants to follow Christ within our community and there certainly is room for evangelism here. I work part time as a hostess at Miss Mary Bobo's, therefore,if you want good country food please come and see us when you are in Lynchburg. Thank you for coming our way.
Brenda Russell

NameJean-Paul Boudreau
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MessageDear Mr. Snow,
As I was born in 1981, I am one of your dads younger fans. My family came from Cape Breton Nova Scotia about the same time as your dad, settling in Gloucester Mass as Sea Captains and Chandlers. I would be honored to hear from you, and I have been a fan of your fathers, since my father introduced me to his music as a young boy. His story touched with me, as I was physically abused as a child. For him to rise above that as I have, shows a tenacity of spirit that not everyone possesses, but then not only to rise above it, to become one of the best and most respected legends of country music is amazing. I hope all is well with you and yours, and may your parents rest in peace, god bless them.
Jean-Paul Boudreau
Gloucester Ma
Grand Banks

NameJo Anne Behrens
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MessageJimmie, I wanted to stop by your website again as I have done a few times in the past. I hope all is well with you and your family. I just had the pleasure of listening to a few of your RCA Victor recordings, and enjoyed them so very much! I have those songs on 45 rpm records! I must admit that my favorites are "How Do You Think I Feel," "My Fallen Star," and "Well Whadaya Know." The 1950's seem so long ago! I want to wish you a very belated Happy Birthday, which was February 6th. I hope you will enjoy many more Happy Birthdays. Coincidentally, I was born in 1936, and my birthday is September 17th. To jog your memory a little bit, I'm the one who saw you, your Dad, and Elvis in 1955 in Abilene, Texas, and I also attended one of your sermons a few years ago in Belvidere, Illinois, where I met you and you autographed your book for me. May God bless you.

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