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NamePatti Reynaud
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MessageWe got our Cypress Farm blue puppy a little over a year ago. Our Bodie is our heart now. He is so smart & beautiful with a wonderful personality to match. I am always being stopped by people when we are out commenting on how beautiful he is.
Thank you Krystin for all you do for the Colored Boston Terrier world! We are so proud to be a part of your family now! smilie smilie

NameCraig & Jo Ann Schena
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MessageMy wife and I have always loved the Boston breed. Banjo was our first and she was my baby. I picked her out of a laundry basket of six and she never forgot that moment. Buster is my wife's boy, we got him from a breeder and tried to stud him out but no takers. He was and still is a big boy (38lbs), he's a Boston on steroids. And then there's Charlie, our other boy who we rescued and has shown us nothing but love. If you tell him to smile he'll show his crooked teeth in a big grin! When Banjo left us for the rainbow bridge, we were heartbroken and didn't know if we wanted another fur baby, but our love for the Snorties kept tugging at our heart. We wanted another female and looked at rescues but couldn't find the perfect match. That's when I saw the CF website and found the kennel was only 30 miles away. I reached out to Krystin and her mom Linda and told my story of my baby Banjo. Krystin wanted to help and at that time was expecting a litter in January. Typically when we bought our other dogs it was from someone who just wanted the money, but this time things were different. We had to fill,out an application as well as conduct an interview with Krystin. This is when I realized how committed CF was to the wellness of their babies as well as placing them in a loving home. Hermione (Liang) was born 1/22//14 and after passing all her tests we met Krystin to pick her up 3/19/14. Since then, CF has kept in contact and loves getting updates on her growth. CF are snortalicious!!!

NameBrian Harwell
MessageI wasn't aware that breeders of your magnitude raised Boston Terriers of disqualifying colors. It's hard enough to find a breeder who raises standard colored Bostok Terriers that health tests puppies prior to them going home, but a finding a BT of color breeder who does so is damn near impossible. You are a a true diamond in the rough and I wouldn't dream of getting a baby BT from anyone but you! I've been on the waiting list for a blue girl for a year now. I'm willing to wait as long as it takes. Don't forget me please!

NameEmily Proctor
MessageI thoroughly enjoyed reading through the facts of your website. It is obvious of your passion for raising Bostons and that you not only preach education, you practice it as well. If only there were more breeders such as Cypress Farm Kennel. I am eager to purchase a puppy from you and will soon be in touch to get in line on your waiting list.

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MessageThanks for all the info! smilie

NameKatie brand
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MessageThese are the just the cutest babies ever!! I hope to own one soon! smilie

NameSusan Young
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MessageOh my goodness, I am a lifelong BT owner. I never realized there were so many different colors for these wonderful dogs! Great website!

NameJennifer H. Martin
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MessageGreat information!! Thanks. I have a chocolate brindle and 2 blk and wh's.

NameJustin and savannah sanders
MessageVery helpful and I learned some stuff.. Next Boston I get I will contact yall.. Right now I have a 9 week old red and white male pup. But will be looking for him a girlfriend in a year. Hope you have what I need!

NameCindy Jones
MessageNever before has a website been published that holds so much information on the Colored Boston Terrier. Your knowledge is endless and your literary skills impeccable. One day I hope that you publish a Colored Boston Terrier breed book. If only more breeders were like you. Kudos Cypress Farm, Kudos.

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