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Welcome to the guestbook of Cypress Farm Kennel.
This is the medium of our website where our extended Cypress Farm family (puppy buyers),
fans of Cypress Farm, and anyone seeking knowledge of the breed can
use to share reviews of CF, reviews of the website, and general BT love with those that view the page.
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MessageGreat information! I have 3 BT's & lost one in August from bone cancer. 3 of the 4 have been rescues, only my oldest BT 11yo female was purchased. At that moment I fell in love with the breed!<33

NameJennifer Carr
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MessageWe are really looking forward to our notification of two cfk babies. We have followed cypress farms for years and our absolutely amazed by the beauties you produce.

Keep up the great work.


NameCheryl Wangerin
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageSuperb! Thanks so much for all the information. smilie

NameJudi Robertson
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MessageThank you for your great support of our Rescue Bostons! From us all at Texas Boston Terrier Rescue

NamePaul Freeland
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageGood information! It's nice to see you work hard to provide this information to Boston breed enthusiast. Especially those who appreciate the varied colors and markings. No one else does! Thank you and keep up the good work. PF

NameEileen Graves
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MessageHello from Sugar Land,
You have beautiful dogs! Thanks for the lesson on coat color.
Eileen smilie smilie

NameCheryl Meaux
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MessageI'm so happy I started following you on Facebook! your fur babies are beautiful! I love seeing people post pictures & the comments are so interesting. I'm a proud mommy of three Boston Red Terriers, Pebo, Petey's & Chili, they make my life complete! I filled out an application for one of your beautiful Blue Boston's, I hope to one day have one!🐢😊

Nameedward potter
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MessageHi Wow just stumbled on your page on facebook love it wife and myself gave a 1and a half year old male Boston named Sampson we have had a couple of rotts in the past .. great dogs .. but Sampson is truly one of a kind so smart so funny ... we have been tbinking about adding a brother for Sampson will be the first people we talk with long is your waiting list for a male ( blue) ..sampson is black and white. thank you

Nameshannon moline giron
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Messagethank you for your informative website & devotion to beautiful boston terriers. my family welcomed miss cleo- a blue, from lilyvale breeders in november 2011. she is the sweetest, sassiest, most lovable pup ever. she is the perfect playmate to help teach a little responsibility to my small boys. she has a great smile & joy in her eyes. smilie

NameMarta Cacace-Mata
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageThose dogs are one of a kind. Smart and loyal

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