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Welcome to the guestbook of Cypress Farm Kennel.
This is the medium of our website where our extended Cypress Farm family (puppy buyers),
fans of Cypress Farm, and anyone seeking knowledge of the breed can
use to share reviews of CF, reviews of the website, and general BT love with those that view the page.
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NameHeidi Young
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MessageThanks so much for all your helpful information!
I feel much better informed and that's always the best way to go forward. smilie

NameLois Versaw
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MessageThank you for the wonderful and educational lesson regarding the coloring variations of Boston Terriers! Such handsome and sweet dogs!!! My son and I thoroughly enjoyed viewing all the pictures and are now trying to determine whether our boy, Renly, is a Brindle or Seal. We would love another!!!
Thank you so much!!!

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MessageMy gosh your dogs are spot on amazing. There are not Bostons like yours in the UK. I one day hope to travel to the US to bring our baby home. We love the colours! XX

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MessageYou have very beautiful Boston and I'd like to know more about you and your dogs thanks

NameRuben Luna
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MessageWish their were more organizations like Cypress Farm who care so much about their breeds. Thank you for all the hard work and efforts.

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MessageWe just lost our baby, Jeter,age 4, on Monday. I doubt I'll ever own another breed. Boston's are.....So smart, spunky, cuddly...soft,sweet, low maintenance grooming, do not shed much, and an awesome family member to 4 humans! We look forward to another one when are hearts heal a bit! Your website is amazing. Your time spent on detail is impressive! Thank you. Amy

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MessageI'm interested in a blue puppy the next time one is available. Thanks!

NameRachel K
MessageLenny is the perfect puppy. Truly, they don't come any cuter, sweeter, trainable, lovable, etc! He is loving the "big" dogs and thinks he's just one of them! Cannot thank you enough!

NameKris Painschab
MessageCypress Farm is by far the best place to get a Boston. We could not imagine our lives without Vader, and Krystin has been great about checking in on him from time to time.

NameSarah MacLeod
MessageI think what you guys do is amazing ! And I am so happy to be a part of the family! Every time someone tells me how beautiful chunk is I have to think about where she came from! Love, love Love IT oh and I love my Abbiegail too ! But our next BT will be from you guys but I want a puppy LOL

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