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This is the medium of our website where our extended Cypress Farm family (puppy buyers),
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NameSeth Arrelano
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MessageFinding your website I'm in actual shock! The last couple months I've been saving photos of Boston puppies I like that people post on FB. Imagine my surprise when I find your a couple are from your kennel! Your dogs are gorgeous. I want a puppy from you and hope to own one, one day.

NameLaura Ansell Lopez
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MessageLove the tutorials on bostons of color and the genetic codeing. Very informative. I have my bridal boy and seal girl and love them so. They bring such joy to the family.

NameJanet Johnson
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageI am a fan of the colors and always smile when I see photos of them on Facebook. I saw your page for colored Bostons and was intrigued enough to visit your website. WOW! What more can be said? The colors are shocking and not "normal" for the breed. At first I was put off by them but I am coming around. Though I don't agree with the breeding against standard I do respect the approach Cypress Farm Kennel is taking to debunk rumors and untruths of the health of those colors. I suppose in hindsight back in the 1850's if someone hadn't recognized the continuous breeding of unhealthy English White Terriers needed to end concluding that outcrossing needed to take place to create an ultimate companion dog that was healthy. That person went against the grain of "normality" and probably caught grief from the more snobby people of the time. Thank goodness they did! Could you imagine a life without the Boston Terrier? We sure would be missing out. In saying all of that, I think that colors deserve a chance when bred responsibly and without money as the center of concern.

NameWhitney Hughes
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageI bought my first Boston Terrier, Tyler, from Winston and Tootie's last litter together from Gabby's Fawn Boston Terriers. He has been a wonderful and cheerful addition to our family! Been seeing all the work you and she have been doing with colors in the shows. Peeked my interest! Then I saw something about Corpus with you and I am from Port Aransas and mom recently moved to Corpus so I ventured to your page and saw what I have now learned about "Colored" Boston Terriers. Very beautiful! Thank you for providing the lessons on your website. It is very informative and I love learning more about the breed my family has come to love. *Thank you so much Whitney. How kind of you to say such lovely things about Gabby's Fawn Boston Terriers and Cypress Farm. We took a little break from showing with how busy my career has gotten but we are happy to have some free time coming in 2016 and plan on getting in the ring once again. :) Keep an eye out for conformation showing photos on FB! CFK

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MessageMy family and I would love to open our home and our hearts to a female Boston Terrier puppy. Please help us end our search. *Thank you for your message Frances! Please send us a message of interest to [email protected] We look forward to speaking to you. CFK

NameMary Beth Andersen
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MessageLove,love,love your site,dogs,pups and all the good info you share. Hope one day to be adopted by one of your fur balls smilie

NameMarianne Rose
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageVery Informative.. Love all the pics of the pups

NameJan and Tom Patterson
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageWe got our DeeDee from Cypress Farm Kennel nearly two years ago. She is so beautiful, spirited, fun, and good-natured not to mention healthy. We get so many compliments on what a great-looking dog she is. She has a great stance, profile, and presence. Krystin was very fair and straight forward to deal with and communicated well. She explained their history in raising Boston Terriers and the events they've been through that have led them on the path they are on today. It's hard to find honest people in this world and we believe that the Johansens are just that. We were so pleased to pick up Dee Dee and even left with a complete puppy pack along with a familiar toy to make her feel at home. All the dogs are screened for congenital problems as well as stool screenings and first immunizations. Dee Dee was much loved, socialized and pre=trained. The Cypress Farm family are wonderful dog lovers and it's very clear that they have all the dogs' best interests at heart.
We would get another dog from Cypress Farm any time and can give them the highest recommendation. smilie *Wow, Jan & Tom, enormous gratitude. We can't thank you enough for such a well written and caring review of your experience with Cypress Farm Kennel. We appreciate your time and the love in your words. XOXO CFK

NameTracy Myers
MessageWhen we were ready for a Boston puppy, I spent hours searching for the perfect puppy AND breeder. As a veterinarian, I have seen many good and bad breeders. Many Boston puppies had abnormal noses, soft palates, luxating patellas and cataracts. I wanted a puppy that I could count on to be healthy, vibrant, well socialized and no congenital problems. I found the complete package with Cypress Farm Kennel. From my first question to this day, they have always been prompt in answering my questions and checking on Harper. When we are ready for another Boston baby, we will go nowhere else!! We would not trade Harper for the world. Love our Lilac Boston Terrier!!!! *Thank you so much Dr. Myers! We appreciate such a thorough and rave review coming from someone of such high ethical standing and professional ability. Your opinion is always valued and appreciated. XOXO CFK

NameMelissa Perez
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageWe absolutely LOVE CFK!! I have been waiting for just the right time and the right puppy to come along before adopting a puppy. It's been awhile since I first start talking with CFK but I knew when I saw my baby she was the one. The ONE thing I knew for sure was that it HAD to be a CFK puppy!! As long as I have looked for the right puppy after finding how thorough they are about health testing and the need to produce the best puppies for their puppy families I didn't want to go to another breed. I only wanted a red BT and after waiting more than a year from CFK I was getting restless...we have 3 traditional colored bosties that kept me busy though! I could wait for my "goal" of having a red one and my stalking of CFK would finally pay off. I mean following. LOL I started following CFK because of all the colors of Boston they had but I fell in love with their love for the breed. I FINALLY got my red girl "Rebel" a year and half after I submitted my application to be on the waiting list. Rebel was so worth the wait as she is the BEST puppy I have EVER had. Of all the dogs I have owned she is the most laid back and friendly puppy. She has always been so smart and so loving. She is super healthy and has no problems at all. In fact, she is so perfect that we are ready for ANOTHER CFK PUPPY! Next we want a blue male even if it will be a couple years to wait. *Oh goodness Melissa! LOL You crack us up girlie! We are just as excited for you to add another Cypress baby to your family when the timing is right for us all. We appreciate that you waited as long as you did for Rebel. It may have been a long wait but you two are so perfect together. It's fate! CFK

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