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Welcome to the guestbook of Cypress Farm Kennel.
This is the medium of our website where our extended Cypress Farm family (puppy buyers),
fans of Cypress Farm, and anyone seeking knowledge of the breed can
use to share reviews of CF, reviews of the website, and general BT love with those that view the page.
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NameAudrey Moore
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MessageI had a Boston Terrier for 17 years and recently had to put her to rest. One of the best dogs Ive ever had. I am looking for her replacement.

NameBonnie Johnson
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MessageHello I Love the Boston Terrier you really have some adorable pups I would love to know the price of your babies please contact me I would appreciate your response, Thank you for excepting my Friend request on Facebook

NameLauren G
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MessageI recently adopted a rescue Boston Terrier who has perfect markings except for his blue eye and I love him all the more for it! People have already asked what the blue eye is all about so I wanted to have an educated answer for them. Thanks for the info!

NameAmy Jordahl
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MessageLOVE your babies!! I am a boston nut..crazy for them all!

NameMilanda & Patrick Raines
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MessageWhen we were looking for our first colored Boston we
researched until we found a reputable breeder that cared
more about the puppies than about making $$. Health testing was a definite for us & Cypress Farm Kennel was the best we came across in all of our research!! We have a Blue & a Lilac colored CFK dogs. They are so perfect for us & we also made a lifelong friend meeting Krystin!! She also helped my husband surprise me with getting Lux home earlier than we had planned. She cares about her puppies & their families too!! I hope to get more CFK puppies in the future!! ❤️🐾

NameSandra Jennings
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MessageWe've had Bostons in our family for years and they've all had issues, health and otherwise. Our last one Sayde, a rescue, has been gone three years and after finding CFK shortly after and following this wonderful breeder and all she and her mom do to make sure the breed is represented well and enhanced, health wise and in every other way and particularly the way she breeds and cares for her babies, and they are her babies, we decided to apply for the privilege of owning one of her precious fur babies. We are now on the PWL (Puppy Waiting List) and are anxiously waiting our turn!

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MessageI can't even begin to tell you all what a delight it has been dealing with Cypress Farm Kennel for the purchase of my new puppy. Having previously bought my dogs from breeders who were not very attentive and could care less about the puppy they sold me after I gave them my money, I sought a different kind of experience. Anywhere I looked and anyone I spoke to said that Cypress was the only breeder to buy from if my concern was a healthy blue Boston. Boy were they right! I'll never buy a puppy from another breeder again! Thanks so much for everything you have done and everything you continue to do for the breed.

NameDebi Persing
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MessageI have had Boston's all my life. Some rescued, and some from breeders. Our current crew consists of 3 rescues, and 3 from breeders. One, Xephyr, our beautiful little blue with brindle & white girl, is a CFK puppy. We will never get a puppy again unless it is a puppy from Cypress Farm Kennel. She is by far the healthiest Boston I have ever had. Between the health testing of their breeding dogs as well as all of the puppies it just makes sense to go with a breeder who honestly loves and cares for the dogs that they will ultimately place with other families. Yet you will always be considered part of their family and they are always available to answer question, share a story or photo as well as knowledge about Colored Boston Terriers, and to just be friends. Love, Love, Love CFK
smilie smilie

NameJessica Haas
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MessageCypress farms is everything I could've hoped for in a breeder. This breeder is in it for love - not for profit. Cypress Farms doesn't even make money off of breeding (they actually spend more than they make) because they do this out of passion and LOVE. Both my babies came from cypress farms and I'm BEYOND thankful for their continued dedication to this breed . My heart is full because of this breeder - they're absolutely the best ❤️

NameTracy Myers, DVM
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MessageI purchased a Cypress Farms puppy two years ago and have never been happier!! She is the best puppy and we will not go anywhere else! Strongly recommend Cypress Farms for so many reasons but most of all the quality of puppies and the people behind them. They are completely invested in their dogs before and after the go to their forever homes!

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