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NameConnie Rowland
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MessageI wanted a Female Blue Brindle for 9-10 years but living in MO (known for puppy mills) I was very leary of finding a reputable breeder. I googled "blue bostons" & a few sites came up.I followed two very closely for years as I wanted to see consistency of their litters, watch their views of being a breeder - their claim of responsibility to not only the breed but the fact they would be offering to bring puppies into this world, giving to families they do not know would be an overwhelming responsibility & their overall commitment to educating the prospective families. I started following both breeders on FB & soon in love with my choice of CFK. So much so that I tease the itch to have a CFK blue girl was worse than having poison ivy. I went on the waiting list after following for years. A year later I received the notification my girl was ready for me. I had to name her Ivy (the itch of poison ivy). After the initial contact, I was sent an amazing overflow of personal pictures of MY girl, as well as videos. Ivy was well socialized in her young puppy stages that she transitioned to my pack virtually seamless. Having a 12 yr old BT & an 8 yr old miniature dashund made it so easy with the early socialization CFK enforced as her foundation. It was as if I made a check list of what I wanted & CFK provided it completely off of my questionnaire. Be honest with that process and be patient to wait, worth it! My vet cannot say enough about Ivy, even asking who was the breeder. CFK!

NameFay Hayes
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MessageI enjoyed your website. I have 2 bostons myself,
I black/white with a little brindle and a red/white. They are my babies and I love looking at other bostons. Yours are gorgeous.

NamePam Huber
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MessageI have scoured websites for reputable Boston Terrier breeders and I do think I've found it. Your website is amazing!
We lost our Boston, Alfie at the age of nearly 16. Like so many on this site, he was our "home". Probably, not a good idea to put so much responsibility on one of Gods creatures, but once a Boston enters your life, your smitten.

Love your criteria for owning one of your babies, it's the way it should be. Would love to own one of your babies,

NameDebra Veix-Shephard
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MessageI just found this site and will be back tomorrow. I need another Boston and will be in touch! God bless...

Namerickey rogers
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Messagethanks for all info

NameCheryl Duhon
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MessageYou're pups are gorgeous! I would love to know where you are located and very interested in a puppy. I'm near Dallas TX
smilie smilie

NameSamantha Freudenthal
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MessageA very responsible breeder. Keep up the great work; I can't wait to be owned by one of their puppies!

NameBrentt barron
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MessageLove your puppies and your posts. So much knowledge. One day my wife kelly and I would love to have one of your little ones.

NameCheryl Meaux
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MessageI was so lucky to become a friend & hopefully be an owner of a Cypress Farm Baby! I follow Krystin's pictures & information of her Furbabies, which is so important to every one wanted a puppy to join their family. All the information we get is so interesting & informative, everything is explained in a way for us to understand. I for one is a big fan of this website, & the people who have made me appreciate the valuable lessons of welcoming a precious gift to my family! Thank You❤️

NameTracy Brown
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MessageI will apply for a Cuoress pup next year. I follow them and am so grateful for all the information they divulge about testing, foods, their amazing families and that they are the most reputable breeders. They love each pup family and the flow up is amazing! smilie smilie

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