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NameSusan Devere
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I've just watched the film on Tv this afternoon while doing the ironing!
What a beautiful story of love across the ages and country's. It's Valentine's Day here and sadly I've none😞 But the film cheered me up greatly and not too much ironing got done!
I read when I get the time and have s few old books myself mostly on the spirituality of man but love to read about how people through the ages see life.
We must all live in hope
Blessings to you
Susan x

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MessageI read the 84 Charing Cross Road nearly 40 years ago because my mother bought a copy of translated version. Later she visited Charing Cross and she said she was very impressed. I'm going to London next week and I will visit Charing Cross because it has been one of the most interesting places for me since my elementary school days. Recently Charing Cross is also famous as a location of Harry Potter movie, so I can't wait to visit London!

NameRobert Dezendorf
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MessageI enjoyed the book, movie and a play I attended in Gainesville, Florida, USA several years ago.

NameZhang Yi
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MessageJust come to say, I like the book very much:-)

NameLiz Zhong
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MessageI am a huge fan of Anthony Hopkins, that's why I met 84 Charing Cross Road. I love old books and its smell. I used to go to the second-hand book store to pick some and once found an original manuscript from 1960s.
If only the book store is still there.

NameBronwyn Davies
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MessageI love Helene Hanff's books and recently purchased a copy of Q's Legacy from an online, used bookstore. When I received the book, imagine my surprise to see that it was inscribed to the original owner and autographed by Helene! What a treasure!

NameJerry A. Jaleel
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MessageI was a customer of 84 Charing Cross Road Book Store. I still have the post card they sent me, announcing the closing of the store at the end of 1970. Also telling me that they were passing my new want list to another book store. A few years later, when I obtained the book by Helen Hanff', I kept the post card inside it. Mark & Co was a great store, like Wheldon & Wesley of Codicote, Hitchins, which also was closed for good a few years ago.

NameEdson Ferreira
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Comprei o filme 84 Charing Cross Road (Nunca te vi,sempre te amei) ontém num sebo (second hand video store) e fazia muitos anos que eu não me emocionava tanto com um filme.

Sou amante dos livros, também por questão financeira minha biblioteca foi criada com livros usados, e agradeço a cada uma das pessoas que me venderam esses livros, pois grande parte deles mudou minha vida, por isso entendo toda emoção de Helen.

"Quem lê vive várias vidas, a sua e as de cada personagem dos livros que leu". J. Midlin

Edson Ferreira

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MessageI have just discovered this site!

After seeing the film version of '84 Charing Cross Road', like many people I became captivated by the story and the way it shines a light on the human condition, illuminating it in a unique and poignant way. To know that others share this appreciation is a comfort.

I do feel however, that some credit should be given to Michael Foot who apparently saved the building from demolition. It might not exist at all if it were not for him!

Thank you for this site, I shall return many times.


NameRicardo Maia
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MessageIt was so good to have found this site to the memory of Marks and Co. I did not have the lucky to be able to visit London but one day I will be able and I want to visit what now is the ground floor of 84 Charing Cross Road.
Greetings to all
Health & Peace

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