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MessageI read the book this afternoon ,it makes me moved and cry . The friendship is so fantastic and sincere . Hope I can have a visit to the bookshop one day .

NameLeila Stark
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MessageAlthough this book isn't obviously related to love or roamnce,it is qite a nice story. The letters remind me of my pen pals and our letters. It's getting further from us now, both that century and the way people keep in touch with others. Once in a while, I really miss those moments when I got some snail mails in my mailbox. I still enjoy writing letters though. There's an old soul living inside my 17-year-old boday:)

NameKeith Nichols
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MessageI read Ms hanff's book many years ago and in the early 1980s dropped in to 84 Charing Cross Road. The shop was all about CDs by that time, and the proprietors, a pair of young people, said they had known nothing of their location's bookish history until visitors kept asking where the books had gone. So they had begun keeping a few copies of the book on sale. And they had found in the basement a large MARKS & CO sign, probably the one originally over the entrance, which they had mounted on a wall in the back of the main room.

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Message友谊 爱情
I wish everyone can meet his or her F.P.D./hh

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NameGrace Sweetman
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MessageI've just finished watching the film after my mother recommended it and i absolutely loved it. Can't wait to get the book and am definitely going to visit 84 Charing Cross Road, maybe even this weekend! Thank you so much for this website! :)

NameSteve Donnelly
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MessageI have read the book after one of our patrons at Milnerton Library was looking for it. Brilliant and now everybody wants a copy as I look for 2nd hand books all over Cape Town.Now I am looking for the dvd as it has caused quite a re-awakening around here.

NameIris YANG
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MessageCrying...just finish the reading, the story is so so good and really thank the writer to write down the story and share to us. Will definitely go to 84 Charing Cross Road one day. Also thank you for built this website :)

NameBeverley Harris
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MessageWatching film on TV as I write. It made me want to find out who these people were and what happened to the bookshop so I am therefore very grateful for this page, thank you and well done! Will definitely go and visit 84 Charing Cross even though it is now a Macdonalds. Well I did not know Michael Foot stopped it from being knocked down either. I think you are wonderful to keep this site going and updated and hope more information might come forward about those who worked in the bookshop. Maybe my history student son could put this on his list for research !!!!

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This is the most touching story I have ever read.Everyone in the story is so kind-hearted, simple, vivid and real. A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near. They step into mutual lives gradually for the mutual trust, though they have never seen each other. In today's era of "Farway, So Close.",20 years' concern and friendship is so precious. Thank you for sharing such a warm story with us. To read the letters here is just like being face-to-face. Although HH and FPD have never seen each other eventually, I still believe they are in mutual hearts all the time , never be away.

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