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MessageIt always be there.

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MessageA famous movie mentions this book,which attracts me to read the book.It is a touching story.Although the love is romantic,it is sad too. Sometimes,I expect that somebody can send a letter to me just like the story. Without phone, e-mail, wechat,just letter.But maybe it is just a dream.

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MessageThe first time I saw this movie in my room, I cried in the end. And then I read this book. I feel very bad about Frank's death, and Helene can't go to London to see her old friends.From New York to London, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, although they never met, they knew each other. This is not only about friendship and love, but a communication of their heart. It just like "Over the boundless crowds I am seeking my soul-mate." I hope one day I can go to London to see the "84", where Frank Doel and Helene Hanff met.

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MessageI read this book on a terrible afternoon.It brought me a new definition about friendship and love.Suddenly,I foud out that love doesn't have to make sense to make sense.Sometime,we just fell into sb for no reason.Wish everyone can find his F.P.D in various ways.

NameJemjem Jaye
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MessageMy Dad Martin Jaye - a booklover - was a regular visitor to the shop and remembers all the staff. In fact, he was friends with Walter Hynes, better known as "Patsy", a survivor from those days. Pat last worked at St Martins Prints in Cecil Court, which is a rather upmarket alleyway which sells antiques. Dad said that Dickens would have written about him and I used to go with him on his trips there. He and Dad used to put me straight about the real shop. Dad, can be seen at the closing credits of the movie 84 Charing Cross Road. He just happened to be standing looking at the books outside the store, when he was captured in a 1968 photo. If you are interested, I have photos of items that Pat signed for me. I used to give them to Dad and he would take them along to Cecil Court from Ilford! There is a copy of the book which Pat wrote in, a napkin from when he took lunch with a Hollywood film director and other items associated with the shop. I have just taken some more photos of my dad posing at the plaque outside #84 (now a Maccie D's). If you are interested, please let me know.

Best regards,


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MessageIf there was ever a book or a movie that deserved a historical site it was 84, Charring Cross Road.

Thank you for doing this! Have thoroughly enjoyed the site and will come back often.


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MessageFew years ago ,My sister and I read the book
And from then on ,we both love the book.
I have never watched the movie .
But I still love the story.
I hope I could meet someone like 'F.D.'or'H.H'
Good day everyone I love.

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MessageI am glad I could read this book. I very like it.

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