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NameAn qiyuan
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MessageHelene and Frank finally did not want to see, but their fate is beautiful, as we encounter speculation, as long as the encounter, that is enough.

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NameKim pragnell
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MessageI was given the book 84 Charing cross road from my dad many many years ago. I fell in love with the people instantly. I felt as if I knew them personally. I read and re read it over and over. It's a tatty book now, that lives on my bedside table, ready for me to read again.
I adored the film, which I have watched over and over. I know all the words. I would give anything to be able to turn the clock back in time and be in that amazing book shop.what a wonderful book.
P.s. I think there is a follow on book which contains letters by Helen but I'm not sure.!!!!!

NameHaoQin Ma
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Messagei learned the book from a movie,and interested in book.so i bought it as soon as possible.today i got it and read.i really love it and do not know to say something.great

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MessageI love this book at the first time.It astonished my heart,gave me a idea to establish a website contacting strangers.

NamePuff M
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MessageIf you see this ,please contact with me.
My E-mail address is
Please,don't forget me.

Namekwok chee hoh
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Messagejust thought I would write belated words of appreciation of this bookshop website and of helene hanff's works ....they pay re reading and it is sad the book didn't leave her that well off at the end., and she isn't with us anymore!

I very much enjoyed reading over again both "84" and its sequel "Bloomsbury street". They bring back a country long gone

Happy reading everyone

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MessageI love this book more than anybook that I have read before.Maybe my english writting is not well enough to tell you this beautiful story !but I really love it so much.Wish I would meet someone like Mrs.huff at someday .I will do my best to do that in my whole life .Never give up !I will be always and forever to find it !

NameJane Dung
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Messagethank you, so much. We love the book and we care about the address now. Thank you~

NameMichelle L
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MessageNo man is an island. I can not say how surprise to find this website. I have no idea about this story until I saw the movie-book of love which was released last day. After saw the movie last night and read the book this morning, now, I am siting library and writing this message with swelled face and eyes. It is easy to believe this warm story is real and I do not understand why it is called love story. All of them just are kind and lonely person.
P.S. I am really sorry to leave my tears on this borrowed book.

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