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NameJack W Coleman
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MessageMy father Jack W. Coleman served on the Randolph 62-? he is alive and well in Denver Co. He told me of a time that he and other shipmates threw a toad into a vat of liquid nitrogen and tossed onto the deck and it shattered. Does this ring a bell with anyone? I would like to hear from you if you knew my father.

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NameLars Ekström
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MessageAfter attending the exercise in the Northern European waters during the summer of 1947, the USS Randolph and USS Kearsarge, supported by two destroyers, USS Beatty and USS Hugh Purvis visited my hometown, Göteborg (Gothenburg), on the west coast of Sweden. They arrived on June 30, 1947. They were not able to reach the dockside due to their huge size and had to anchor slightly outside the port. Unfortunately, there was an aircraft accident during this visit. An aircraft crashed or ditched during an attempt to land, with fatal results. The aircraft was an F8F Bearcat that belonged to VF-3A. According to the Naval records;
stalled 95140 Grumman F8F-1N Bearcat (VF-3A) on landing on Randolph CV-15 6/30/1947 and hit inverted. Pilot killed. Is possible to obtain any more information from anyone regarding this incident? The pilot’s name, aircraft code, and a brief description of the event would be helpful.
Why was the VF-3a squadron or part of the squadron onboard the USS Randolph and not the USS Kearsarge who they were originally assigned.

NameKevin McCray
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MessageI had the good fortune to tour the ship when it was in port in Quebec City in June 1964. I was 9 years old and it has remained a favorite memory all of this time. The two sailors who agreed to take us aboard (my family of me, my brother and my parents), were terrific and it was a great, great experience.

Nameon behalf of Kenny Whitmire
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MessageMy uncle, Kenny Whitmire, served on the USS Randolph from 1964-1967. He has asked that I help him find any information we can on the ship. I am active duty Air Force stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii, so I have Pearl Harbor right here to help with Naval research. This website is very helpful also.

If anyone reading this knew Uncle Kenny, I'm sure he'd love to hear from you. He's doing well and lives in Illinois, but visits my mom (his sister) often back home in Arkansas. He was also on honor guard duty for President Kennedy's funeral procession.

If anyone would like to leave a note for him I'm sure he'd enjoy hearing from you. Thank you, and God bless.

--Jacquline Vesey--

NameRobert M. Jones
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MessageServed aboard Randolph 62-66,V-3 Div. Remember well the night we lost #3 elevator, fire in Hangar Bay 3,five over the side. Lost one from V-3 and one tractor driver from V-1. U.S.S. Holder rescued the other three. Would love to hear from other shipmates.

NameJoanna S
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MessageMy grandfather, Marvin H. Porter, served aboard the USS Randolph from commissioning until ?. Like the guy who signed the guestbook below me, I remember stories about the powered eggs. My grandfather never ate another egg as long as he lived.

NameTom DeCarlo
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MessageServed on the Randolph from Dec 59 to April 63 in OI Divison. Had some really great friends. Served under the Great Chief Leslie

NameLarry J. Davis
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MessageI served aboard in E Division from 1963-1965. I have a tatoo on my left leg, along with 4 other E and M division sailors . It reads " August 1, 1974 State Capitol Bldg. Denver, Col. We had this done in 1964 for a 10 year reunion. The only guy I have kept in touch with is Chuck Manning. Where are you other 3. By the way I am the only one that showed up for the reunion.

NameWilliam C. (Dave) Davenport
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MessageReported to the Randolph Feb. 1960 as a IC3 attended two Class C schools in 60 took over the automatic telephone gang run it until making IC1
in May 1963. Left the Navy Jan. 64. Worked in the telephone field until final Retirement in 2004.

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