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NameTom Generous
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MessageTom Generous. Was AT3 in VAW-12, Detachment 36, in CVG-7, aboard Randolph
CVA-15, June 1958-March 1959. Would love to hear from the other twidgets:
Billy W., CPO Simon, Mike C., Chris N., Paul H., George L., and AE Larry H.
Saw Mr. Churchill from very close. May have seen the cold cat-shot J.
Paul Harrison is asking about, but didn't know the pilot and remember
nothing else. Do recall other tragedies and near-misses. Two hilarious
moments: (1) A-4D heading for starboard side, pilot ejected and went
horizontal when plane tipped in the catwalk, and (2) AD-5N rolling over the
fantail when plane captain forgot the chocks. <>,

NameDouglas Dean Cameron
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MessageI was stationed on The Randolph from 1964 to
1966. "Kiddy Cruiser"... "E" Division /
Interior Communications Electrician "E4".
Very proud to have have served aboard this
elite vessel..."Rando Can Do" Lt.Lucas was my
Division officer...Senior Chief Priest was my
leading CPO....Captain Morton was our ship's

NameDon Jary
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Website- if anyussrandolph.com
MessageWelcome to the new USS Randolph Guestbook page. For those of you who have seen the old one, I think you'll like this one a lot better!


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