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NameChris White
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MessageHi Nick,
I will speak to the family that I am travelling with to see what I can do. It would be great to have a beer with you again.
I went up to Blackpool for the Patrols Reunion. I think I was the only one of the original Patrol Company up there.
Stay strong in relation to caring for your wife I had 8 years of looking after my little Deb's until she died last April. George Munroe came down to her funeral which I really appreciated. As for Judith Durham I just had a look and all I can say mate is who are we to judge. I certainly have not grown younger looking. I can remember that when Peter Chiswell our OC heard she had written back to us he said she was the only pop singer he liked
One small aside when I first moved here to Wales I met a bloke in a pub from the lot up the road who was doing the jungle phases of his selection at the same time as we were doing our pre deployment training in Brunei. He stayed on the dark side got commissioned and was in charge of their training and selection. We meet twice a week for a pint. Small world.
You take care mate. Chris

NameRobert Nicholson
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MessageChris, I live in a suburb of PERTH WA and I am practically a full time carer for my wife. Perhaps if you can transit through Perth on the way to Sydney, then we could definitely meet up. Have you seen a photo of Judith Durham lately, changed a bit since the days at the haunted house.

NameChris White
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageRobert Nicholson Ozzie Nic. I am coming out to Oz next Christmas for a month staying in Sydney before moving up the coast to stay with a friends family. Any chance of an RV? Paul Johnson I meet for pint twice a week with an old works colleague of yours Gerry Clarke in a pub near to Abergavenny. Give me a shout if you fancy a pint you could stay at my place overnight. Chris

NameJim Scott
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageHi Chay ,a lot o' water has passed since 164 Pln, didnae ken Chic had passed,as you are probably aware Richard his son played for Scotland n Rangers ,Chic's favourite club,but guid tae hear some o' us auld buggers are still gaen,wis 80 yesterday,n still building dykes,got tae keep daen something

NameChay Blyth
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageTo Paul Johnson, thank you for that information, I called the number but so far no reply and left a message! Again thanks.

To Robert Nicholson, than you for your note and yes, still kicking? Thomson has passed away, some years ago but Ridgway is still kicking too and lives it the top west of Scotland as it’s the cheapest place he could find?!?

To James Scott, my some water has gone under the bridge since 164 Platoon. Do you remember Chick Gough? I’m sorry to say he passed away two years ago. Great guy!

Any more message please fire away! Chay

NamePaul Johnson
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageRe Dave Gibbons I believe he lives in Gloucester. There is one name in the phone book with his initials so perhaps worth a try. Am surprised that somebody has not yet come up with some information especially as he has attended recent reunions these past years!

NameRobert Nicholson
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageI have posted your request on the British Airborne Forces Club Site in anticipation.

Namejohn hill
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageReceived on gmail
You’ve probably got the most arcade website ever! That along with your process for getting new members and welcoming them!
After I sent off my subscription about two/three weeks later it took a phone call to see if it had been received and about a further two/three weeks to get my name added to the list of members!
No acknowledgement, no welcome letter or even a welcome e mail! You need a major shift into the world of communications, this is the age we are in and we have to accept and use all the aids in that area there is.
The reason I joined is that I hope to track down Dave Gibbens. Have you an e mail for him please?
Now let’s see if this gets some sort of response?
Chay Blyth

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NameRobert Nicholson
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageG'day Chay, you were in 9 Pln and I was in 7 Pln Coy.
Your Pln Comd was Ridgeway and mine was Thomson. You will probably remember Jones-Evans as well.

I missed you when you came to Oz.
Bob Nicholson.

Namejames Scott
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageHi Chay Blythe,great tae see yer still gaen,like me both ex 164 Pln , Jim Scott,Cpl A Coy,
great tae hear yer still on the go

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