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NameChay Blyth
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MessageGood afternoon/evening, thank you John Ross for your splendid comments. Well noted!
Thank you too John Hill for your suggestion re Dave Gibbens e mail address. I’m sorry to say the e mail bounces back so I tried a few close alternatives with no luck but again thank you.
Do you think you could have a go at trying to e mail him? You may have better luck than I?
Terry, tried too, the phone number which just rang and rang till it stopped, I ttied a number of times and left messages but so far no response! I’ll try writing to the Gloucestershire address.
When I last spoke to him I thought he said he was going to India bit you think Canada.
Thanks again all for your help, I’ll keep trying?

NameBrian Freeman
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MessageIn a recent message I sent to Hew Pike I spelt his first name wrongly! My apologies to you Sir Hew!

Brian Freeman

NameJohn Ross
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Messagesmilie Not entirely sure what an arcade website is, but was amused by the comment. Not so amused at further comments, concerning the administration of the Club. Total respect to those who "volunteer" to take on the various functions, in a part time capacity. Sometimes when you listen to unjustified criticism, or negative comments, it makes me wonder why you bother!!

Namejohn hill
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MessageReceived on Gmail

[email protected] <[email protected]>

Good Afternoon,
Message for Chay Blyth

I saw on the notice board that Chay Blyth is trying to get in touch with Dave Gibbins. I am the Secretary of the West Berks PRA and heard that Chay Blyth is looking to make contact Dave Gibbons. Dave is now living in Canada but has to come to the UK periodically to keep in line with the Immigration laws of Canada.

I met with Dave at Heathrow Airport Departure Lounge and we swapped email addresses, this is Dave's:

[email protected]

If you could please forward this to Chay and hopefully they can make contact!

Many thanks

NameTerry Carroll
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MessageFor Chay Blyth
Found a phone number for Dave Gibbins:
01452 863424.
Don't know if it is still valid.
Terry Carroll

NameTerry Carroll
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MessageFor Chay Blyth.
You are correct about miscellaneous websites, some of which are 'unofficial'! It is something that we are trying to remedy.
By default most people now communicate on Facebook (3 Para Reunion Club) and even then another similar Facebook page has appeared.
This website is monitored but not every day - hence this now.
Anyway, the last address we have for Dave Gibbins is; 182 Abbotswood Road, Brockworth, Gloucester, GL3 4PF.
He was not at the last reunion in March.
I'll try to get contact numbers for you.
Terry Carroll

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MessageHew...not Huw

NameBrian (Scouse) Freeman
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MessageTo Lt General Sir Huw Pike

Dear Huw!

On this day back in 1964 we were led by your good self on active service in the Radfan! You'll perhaps remember me as your No 1 on the 3.5 Rocket Launcher and Hugh Henderson as No 2. Memories come flooding back to me of that night when we were on a fighting patrol! I recall your order to fix bayonets when we came under enemy fire and cold chilling clicks as the bayonets were fixed! Also action in the Wadi Dhubsan Hugh Henderson and did some good work with the 3.5. Since then during a long career you commanded our battalion in the Falklands and led it to the victory at Mt Longdon. I'm always proud of the fact that you were my first platoon commander!

Congratulations on becoming the President of the Para Reunion Club! They couldn't have asked for a better man!

In closing I hope all is well with you and family

Brian Freeman

NameRobert Nicholson
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If you are travelling with others, they may not want to transit through Perth. I thought you were coming on your own and you could have stayed at my place. However I couldn't put up another family. It would probably cost you as well, if your original plans were to fly direct to Sydney. Most flights diverge for Perth and or Sydney in Dubai. Depends on who you fly with.

NameChris White
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MessageHi Paul,
Meeting Gerry tonight I will give him your regards. I have a pint with him on a Tuesday and Friday evenings.I think I might still have your phone number stuck on an old wallet somewhere I will try to dig it out tmw. My L/L is 01873 830316. Tom Moorhouse comes down to my place from H. when I go way to look after the house. He has joined Gerry and I on many an occasion and spent many an hour beating their gums over Operation Storm. (Don't mention the goats to Gerry) Stay Lucky
Yr's Aye

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