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NameDuncan C Horne (tich horne)
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MessageWishing all ex 3 para happy landings.rich horne.ex b coy/sigs.

Namemichael bramley
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Messagewell well well Mr Freeman where have you been for the last 40 years or so, . Brian try to get to the 3 Para reunion this March , lots of guys would love to see you. take care Mick B smilie

NameGary Teale
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MessageWelfare Process

The Regimental Welfare team at RHQ PARA is here to assist any member of the Parachute Regiment or Airborne Forces in need. The process is designed to ensure transparency and provide an audit trail for any assistance given, which is a lawful requirement.

The first part of the process must be initiated by a SSAFA or RBL caseworker.

They will complete Form ‘A’ which is then submitted to the Regimental Welfare Team. They will then allocate funds from the Regimental Charities as required.

The following numbers are very useful and should be used if you do not know your local SSAFA or RBL office number:

SSAFA Helpline: 0800 731 4880

RBL Helpline: 0808 802 8080

Any Branch that requires assistance from the Regimental Welfare Team can call them on: 01206 817102 or see the website for details.

Utrinque Paratus

NameBrian Freeman
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MessageTerry Carroll!

While browsing this site I learned that General Sir Huw Pike had been serious ill with pneumonia, but also relieved that he's out hospital and recovering! Huw was my first platoon commander when I joined 3 Para back in 1963. He led our motley crew {3 Platoon A Coy} in the Radfan in 1964 I was his No 1 on the 3.5" Rocket Launcher with Hugh Selbourne Henderson {Alias The Lout}RIP as my No 2! Huw was a great bloke and we would have followed him anywhere! Please convey to him my best wishes! Regards Brian!

NameOzzy Howells
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Message22 Feb 1972 IRA blew up Officers Mess in Aldershot. If you can. See you at 1200 hrs on Thursday to remember those murdered . RIP. Park in Pennyfeathers Road..

NameMalcolm Pattison
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MessagePhil there is a number for Dave on booking form if you down load it .

NameLawrence Bland
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MessagePhil, try Davie Dyson, he may well have it!!

Safe Landings!!

Blandy. smilie

NamePhil Skidmore
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MessageDoes any one have Dave Dysons phone number or email adress

NameTerry Carroll
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MessageRe Blue Harding's post about Alec Stewart.
Shame that we did not know about it at the time.
Good man, good soldier. RIP

NameJohn McPhee
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MessageCheers Oz, it was Bob Gray who came up with the Sammy name.
I'll try and get contact info for those you posted
I hope your well,
I've still got a 2 inch scar inside my bottom lip attribute to you from one of our A coy, Support coy football encounters also a nice one on my shin courtesy of Goldsmith, happy memories.

John (Sammy)

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