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NameGeorge Duffus
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MessageSadly I regret to inform our members of the death of Ray Alan (Slaky) Slack, Gina his wife passed this information on to us Slaky passed away peacefully after a short illness (No details given) in hospital in Tenerife on Sunday 7 July 2019. Slaky & Gina had lived in Tenerife for the last 10 years and his Funeral took place shortly after his death in Tenerife. Slaky served in 3 Para Atk Pl as a Cpl for 9 years prior to transferring to the Royal Hampshire Regiment in the early 70s & ended his career after 22 yard in the military as an RSM in the Hampshires. We send Gina and the family our heart felt condolences in our prayers at this sad time. Another true & fine Airborne soldier taken far to early God Bless šŸ™

NameChay Blyth
MessageThank you Terry, pity, Iā€™d like to have caught up with him again.
Chay Blyth

NameTerry Carroll
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MessageFor Chay Blyth
Sorry but no luck on Dave Gibbins email address.
We've only been asking for it off members for the last 12-18 months and Dave has not been in contact for some time and nobody has it.
I'll keep my ear to the ground though.
Terry C

NameAlan Bennett
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MessageFor Terry Carol,
Thanks for the info ,re b coy Csm. Searching for ex Bn. Members can be frustrating, as I well know. Whilst the PRA do an excellent job in collating and keeping info on former comrades, it's only as good as the info, they receive. I know you struggle to keep abreast with all the members of the club. Can some thing be done with the PRA cards, regarding notification as to shaking of this mortal coil. Shurely the cost would be minimal on future issure cards. As to cards issued well no matter how you approach it, it's going to be a monumental task. Thoughts please to AB.

NameRoger (ozzy) Howellsu
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MessageHi. Hope this helps . I remember Bob saying when he sailed past Colwyn Bay North Wales . He loved the look of it. Sailed in and bought a house. I think late sixties or perhaps in the seventies. Sorry could even have been Conway nearby. Try the harbour Master or local Marina,s is all I can suggest.Best of luck.51

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MessageHi, anybody know the where abouts of my mate Bob Swain ex CSM Spt Coy. Last I heard was that he was sailing in the Med.

NameChay Blyth
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MessageFor Terry Carroll.
I have not had any success at getting in contact with Dave Gibbins. As you are not allowed to give me his e mail address, I wonder if the 3 Para Reunion Club could e mail him and give him my e mail address? As we have to supply our e mail addresses when joining, you must have his e mail address? Yes/No?
Can someone on the Committee do that? Yes/No?

NameAlan Bennett
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MessageI'm much obliged for that info. There was a time when you couldn't hide from those two,though to be fair to both of them as far as I can recall, neither did anyone a bad call, unlike the retard higher up. Any one got photos of BG? Wouldn't mind going back there, if only to look for a mislaid watch. Yoall have a good day now. Regards
Alan b

NameTerry Carroll
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MessageFor Alan Bennett.
Do not no where Geoff Stead is. However, CSM N (Norman) Menzies went up the chain and was QM 3 Para at the time of the Falklands. He was then promoted further. He is not a member of the club so don't know where he is now either but try RHQ Para - contact details are online.
Terry Carroll

NameAlan Bennett
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MessageDoes any one know the whereabouts of Csm Geof Stead? (B coy) mid to late 60s, also Csm N Menzies, also B coy same era. However tenuous the link I would've be extremely grateful. I'm trying to link them up with their former hq clerk, Jimmy Austen aka Punjab, who needs cheering up.Many thanks in advance. Ab.

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