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MessageSimply magical music during a magical time of my life in college. In my opinion, "Just Got Lucky" is the ultimate love song.smilie

I do hope these lads can do some type of reunion tour.smilie

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MessageA great band that was vhewed up and spat out by the music industry. At a time when most music was a mechanical mush bands like JoBoxers were keeping the human element alive.

I never got to see them live, being 13 me mum wouldn't let me venture from Shepherds Bush to Brixton! but then i never got to see XTC either but the music on the records is good enough for me.

I remember ringing RCA daily to find out when 'Skin and Bone' would be released and being gutted every time they told me some load of bollocks date and it never arrived. I even got 'is this really the first time' on 7" and 12". I felt a bit of a berk doing that in WH Smith! 15 is not an easy age to be doing things on your own....

Still, i bought the CD compilations and was not disappointed. IF RCA had shown some gonads and kept them going, who knows?

They were a soundtrack to my teens and an obsession for a while. Along with QPR, Adam Ant, XTC and Fiesta magazine. They don't make 'em like that no more!

Keep it up chaps. smilie

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MessageHey Mr Bostock, good to see a site to the best band of the 80's and nice to see you at Dig's gig at the Rockabilly rave the other week (the man rocked as usual). The Boxers, what can I say, nothing rocked like the guys live. The Madness tour and the Jumping Jetty tour come to mind the most and being allowed to do lights for some of the smaller gigs was special. Loads of stories like Sean and me absailing down the side of the Holiday Inn from the seventh floor and shooting up the hotel room (in Ipswich I think) with an air gun amongst my favourites, plus loads more that will stay with me forever. Keep up the good work.


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MessageAt last, the lads have got a website. Billy & myself are still boxers boys big time.
We are still keen on their music (but lost the dress sence). JoBoxers are still in our hearts
(you cant loose the impact they gave on musicians even though its 20 odd years ago).
The thing we would love to see is a re-union? Personally (Dan) i would love to work
with the guys on some material which reflects their style of music,
(Something thats devoid in this musical society today (raw talent)).... Be good (Billy/Dan)

NameJames Perry
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MessageHey Dig, saw you play at the Rave this weekend. Awesome man !! You still got it. Great show, Great band.

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Messagewe were the ultimate groupies, me and carol went wherever we could to see these great guys and listen to their fantastic music, we also hung round with norman who followed wherever he could.
i have some great photos and some fantastic memories , happy days and thanks for the great music during my youth.
dig was always my fave and sean was carols. love them all and hello guys. get together and ado a gig make it happen and we will be there.
love julie xx

NameGraeme Tilley
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MessageWhat a flashback! Joboxers were the first band I ever saw live. They played a gig at Canterbury University and I can remember being blown away - I must have been about 14 years old. I even remember winning a competition in Smash Hits for a 12" of just got lucky and a signed poster which didn't ever arrive so my mum phoned up the smash hits office and complained (oh the shame) and they sent me loads of stuff - promo's, tour shirts, posters and a like gangbusters sweatshirt! I thought I was the beez kneez
I absolutely loved this band - is there going to be a CD re-release of like gangbusters? It would be great to hear it again.
Thanks for the memories - I'll be dropping by again

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MessageFound a great clip of the boys on the Diana Dors show.

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