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NameJim Peel
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MessageI,ll never forget that night in Bournemouth. It was pouring with rain and we were skint, and we met Sean and Dave in our local pub. We bought Sean a pernod and Dave a pint. They put us on the guest list and took us backstage. It was brilliant. Then we got introduced to Chris, a really nice guy, a bit shy, but he was tucking into this magnificent rider of bratwurst sausage and danish cheese,and some lovely beer. It was grub all round. Then the lads went on stage. Thanks Joboxers.You were brilliant.

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NameAdele Carden
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MessagesmilieThe Boxers were brilliant.
The band I was in on Two-Tone also did a Madness tour. Is there an unavoidable link?
When both our bands split Chris and I wrote many songs together and recorded with Brad out of The Specials. It was an extraordinary and neat time.
For me The Boxers have never been beaten (excuse the pun!)and our friendship grows stronger.

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MessageAwesome band. Second to none live and great songwriters to boot. The Real Deal for sure...

NameSteve Wiseman
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MessageFirst saw JB supporting Madness in 1983. Then saw them live at Tiffanys in Newcastle, Sunderland Empire and Middlesborough Town Hall. I have some pictures of them all about 20 years ago and I remember chatting to them all. They signed my Coming on Like Gangbusters I still have it in the loft somewhere with all the singles (both 7 and 12 versions) A friend has Seans drumsticks! I am now 40 and married with kids but have not forgot those teenage evenings bopping to Curious George, Lets Talk About Love, Boxerbeat, Jealous Love etc etc. Was Chris an extra in Eastenders? They wrote me a letter announcing their second album, I bought the 12 single but never got the album! I have very fond memories of them.....

NameVolker Janssen
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MessageI saw JoBoxers for the first time on the German TV show Musik-Laden in the early eighties. Their playing was fresh and exciting. I particularly remember liking the main riff in Just got lucky. Obviously I had no idea I would end up doing many very enjoyable tours with its composer Chris Bostock later on.

NameRobin Spencer
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MessageI always thought Just Got Lucky should have made No 1. The band were all there for the music, fun in bucket loads and always looking for a way to share the good times. Bands only get to play that tight by putting in the hours and these guys brought out the best in each other. There is no doubt JoBoxers were ahead of the game and for those that got it back then we remember some of the best times of our lives to an infectious, fun and driving beat.

NamePaul Carden
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MessageChris Bostock`s talent hasn`t wained one bit. He and his wife Mandy (Rhythm Sisters) performed `It must be loveĀ“ at our wedding.

A dodgy amp could not stop them captivating the audience and expressing in music and song the magic of our wedding day and not even time can take away the memory.

NameMike Bostock
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MessageHi there. This is to get this new guest book started. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and memories of those days when JoBoxers were on tour. It was a great live experience for many. Their Top of The Pops performances are still sometimes shown and once in a while we still hear Boxer Beat on the radio. Just Got Lucky gets more frequent airtime as a result of it played over the credits to The 40 year old Virgin.
Chris tells me that he wrote the music to Just Got Lucky on our mum's piano in Broadstairs.
The song still sounds good today.

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