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Private Message added 2006-02-08

MessageFound a great clip of the boys on the Diana Dors show.

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MessageDuring the 1980's I was fortunate enough to live in Europe. The JoBoxers was one of my favorite groups. I can admit now, that I had the biggest crush on Chris.
Now that I am a wife and mother, I like to think back to my youth. Whenver I hear "Just Got Lucky" I remember being 23 years old again and the carefree life I had.

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MessageFor awhile I thought Just Got Lucky was Elvis Costello and the Attractions, so I bought all of his cds, and it wasn't on any. Then I found out the name of the song from 40 Year Old Virgin. I want to hear more of your stuff, but it's hard to find your music in the states. You should reissue your old music!!!!

MessageDoes anyone know if there\'s any live videos knocking about. Would love to grab one.

NameJim Peel
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MessageI,ll never forget that night in Bournemouth. It was pouring with rain and we were skint, and we met Sean and Dave in our local pub. We bought Sean a pernod and Dave a pint. They put us on the guest list and took us backstage. It was brilliant. Then we got introduced to Chris, a really nice guy, a bit shy, but he was tucking into this magnificent rider of bratwurst sausage and danish cheese,and some lovely beer. It was grub all round. Then the lads went on stage. Thanks Joboxers.You were brilliant.

Private Message added 2005-11-19

NameAdele Carden
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MessagesmilieThe Boxers were brilliant.
The band I was in on Two-Tone also did a Madness tour. Is there an unavoidable link?
When both our bands split Chris and I wrote many songs together and recorded with Brad out of The Specials. It was an extraordinary and neat time.
For me The Boxers have never been beaten (excuse the pun!)and our friendship grows stronger.

Private Message added 2005-11-02

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MessageAwesome band. Second to none live and great songwriters to boot. The Real Deal for sure...

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