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Private Message added 2006-08-28

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MessageI had a dream last night that i was looking for members of joboxers to find out what they were up to and what do i find!
Didn't know about the unreleased stuff, gotta hear that. I'd love it if you got together for some shows, there is definately a market for it out there, i'm off to get Like Gangbusters out and bang it on the old turntable

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MessageGreat to hear about you trying to getting the 3rd album out there. Keep this great music out there for us... a tour couldn't hurt either. Most important is keep us updated.

80's Music Central

Namedaniel michel
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MessageYou guys were great!..."Just Got Lucky" is one of the best songs ever!...And a damn good video too...That video really captured the energy of the song...I just got into YouTube lately and rediscovered the magic of JoBoxers...I played you on the radio back in the 80's...Now it's great to hear you again...I still sing along and jump around when i play the video for "Just Got Lucky"...Just like I did the first time I heard it...Best of luck to all of you...You made some great music that still is vital and relevant today...You have alot to be proud of.

NameAndrew Chambers
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MessageCan someone else confirm that JoBoxers played the Sweaterwaters South Concert in Christchurch New Zealand in the early 80's? My memory is pretty fuzzy on this one. I seem to recall they were up just before The Pretenders and some other band who headlined but who are best forgotten...

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MessageIs Dig Wayne planning any more shows in Europe ? I saw him at the Rave this year and he was fantastic, would love to see him live again.

Private Message added 2006-06-15

NameRichard Kompass
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Message:Greetings from SWEDEN!!!

I have Your complete catalouge including the rare Johnny Friendly 12 picture sleeve with no text.

I love You guys. Just Got Lucky and the whole album Like Gangbusters is still so great, why should it take me til 1996 before I finally could hear the tracks from Skin And Bone? I still listen to Your music everyday. 1983 was the BEST year ever in music.

Hope to see You guys back live just like I have seen Tears For Fears + Stray Cats back better than ever.

All the BEST from Halmstad, SWEDEN

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MessageWhat a band, what an era.... I remember seeing the BoxerBoys at Digbeth Civic Hall in Brum, and I'm sure I've still got the playlist somewhere..... is this really the first time you've been in love?

NameNeil Mackie
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MessageWell done you guys. Yes - boxerbeat is one of my all-time favourite songs. The world is a lesser place without you! Really looking forward to the lost album, if you can get it out. Best wishes to each & every one of you. Don't you go changin' smilie

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