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Charmaine & Bill Aboard s/v September Sea
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NameJeff Longmore
DateJul 14, 2010
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MessageHi Charmaine: I am now the proud owner of "Old Guys Rule" - a lovely Lancer 36. We have a shopping list of miscellaneous repairs to do which is being whittled down wekend by weekend. An intractable problem though is the frames for the sliders in the hatches in the cockpit. These are heavily chipped and embrittled - I've looked everywhere for replacements with no success - any ideas?
FYI we were doing 7.2 knots over the ground in about 20 knots breeze with the genoa alone! This with a fixed 3 blade prop - can't wait to get a folding 3 blade on her!

Regards to you both: Jeff L.

NameJim Schmitz
DateJun 20, 2010
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MessageCharmaine and Bill, nice to see you all again. This time at Burdines fuel dock. Hope all is well. Happy Father's day to Bill!

Thank you, sweet Jim! Always so good to see you! What a nice surprise that was. Thanks for the well wishes and the same to you. Super big hugs!!

Much Love, Charmaine & Bill

NameTeresa Woodrum Chastain
DateJun 05, 2010
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MessageTHANK YOU and BIG BIG hugs to each of you...Awesome website. You guys are awesome and I'm so glad to be able to call you my friends....Continue to enjoy and know that you are thought of....

Always and Forever Your Friend

AunTT smilie
(nikname from my nephews)

DateMar 03, 2010
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MessageCharmaine & Bill!
I hope life on the water finds you well! It has been about 2 years since the last exchange, but I am still telling your fantastic story!

The boy's have really shot upward and they look nothing like the picture in your blog.

Stay safe and smooth sailing!

Stephen, Alex, Justin

Hey there! How wonderful to hear from you sweet Stephen! Please send me updated pics of your boys aboard as I would love to show them off again. It is so wonderful of you to touch bases with us. Please do stay in touch. Hard to believe so much time has passed.
Big Hugs and Lotsa Love, Charmaine & Bill

NameAnita Jundy
DateFeb 17, 2010
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MessageHi Charmaine and Bill,
Cheyenne directed me to your website. I am the lady who fell madly in love with your brother, Robert Smith, Jr. It was so great to see pictures of him with his family. He talked about your reunion often and said how wonderful it was to have such loving sisters. I met Robert just over a year ago last February while I was bowling against him. Soon after we became very good friends and shortly thereafter fell in love with each other! I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to know and love Robert! The 11 months we spent together were the best months of my entire life. My daughter keeps reminding me how lucky I am to have found true love--something everyone doesn't get to enjoy!

I have been corresponding with your sisters and they have given me great support, because it has not been easy to have lost the love of my life!

Love you,

My darling Anita,
How thrilled we all were to know that Robert had found true love! He told us all that...that you were his true love and how incredibly wonderful you are in every way. Our losses have added up tremendously: four immediate family members in less than five years. Almost too much to bear. But we do. We make it because the incredibly loving memories of those we have loved and lost carry us through our sorrow. I'll be talking with you soon my Love. Our hearts are with you.
Your Sister (& Brother) Forever, Charmaine & Bill

NameJim Hall
DateFeb 09, 2010
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MessageYou are rich people,the world enveys. I have just gotten my first boat a 30 lancer sail. Almost like your's but smaller. Do you know anyone with information on a 30 lancer? Yes i'm a live abord,,i'm still woundering why i didn't do this years ago..I almost forgot, i'm in the Seattle area and you have a following here. I hope to someday show up at your back porch and have a BBQ and not step one foot on land, I will if you stay there for a few more years. At any case,,much love and clear sailing Jim

Hi there Jim! You do just that. Just come as you are and we'll have a fine time my Seattle friend! I will see what I can find for you on Lancer 30s there are still lots of them out there but websites on them are few and far between. I'll be in touch. Looking forward to seeing you anchor next to us real soon! Tell my "Seattle Following" I am honored and delighted to read of them!! Big hugs all around and looking forward to giving them out in person!
Charmaine & Bill

DateNov 16, 2009
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MessageI enjoyed reading about you and your husband's awesome adventures and your family's joys and sorrows. You are a great writer and obviously a person who knows how to unwrap the gift of life.smilie

Namejames schmitz
DateAug 09, 2009
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MessageNice to meet you guys at dockside friday night. We have enjoyed reading your website. Hope all is well. Jim and Kim Schmitz

Hi Jim and Kim,
It was wonderful meeting you both! A real treat and a true pleasure. Thank you so very much for your kind words. So glad you've been enjoying perusing our site. Please stay in touch. BIG Hugs, Charmaine & Bill

NameGary Swedenborg
DateMay 10, 2009
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MessageWOW!! It was nice to see Cathy's Memorial(Powell Cay). My Dad placed that there 30 years ago. She died on the sailboat(Penduck)that was just off shore. Her boyfriend, Don Brooks, died later that day in Miami's Burn Unit(Jackson Memorial) after trying to save her. They had a propane explosion.
I was there in 1999. It was really pretty around the memorial with purple flower blooming everywhere. Conch shells everywhere.
Did you see the sunken sailboat? Hurricane Floyd came through right after my visit.

Thanks so much,

Hello there Gary,
We could not be more delighted to see you found us! We lost our only son (also a sailor) to illness four years ago and finding Cathy's Memorial was truly a Godsend for us. Your sister will forever have a very, very special place in our hearts.
We did not know what happened to Cathy and thank you so much for sharing her story with us. It is such a tragic tale, compounded by the death of her boyfriend who died of wounds from trying to save her.
Know that Cathy lives on in the hearts and minds of we who are touched by her without even knowing much about her. The Memorial speaks for her as if she were there talking to us. It reminds us all that those we love need not ever be forgotten.
Hopefully one day we can meet you, sweet Gary.
Our Very Best to You and Yours,
Charmaine & Bill

NameJoseph P. O'Connor
DateApr 26, 2009
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MessageSpectacular photo’s. As we sail in Charlotte Harbor we find ourselves trying to shoot the sunsets. Often we are disappointed. Congrats!

Joe O’Connor

SV Lone Eagle2

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