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Charmaine & Bill Aboard s/v September Sea
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Private Message added Mar 08, 2011

DateJan 12, 2011
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MessageHey Guys!

It's been a while. Hoping and praying that all is well with the both you and September Sea!

Justin and Alex are eleven. They are great kids. I am very proud of them. I am still planning for my retirement on the seas.

God bless,


Will I see you guys in 2013 in SF for the Cup. I learned how to sail in the bay. I am there for sure!


NameJulie Doss
DateDec 28, 2010
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MessageI will be a visitor here more often. To go from the "country life" to the sea is such a scary thought for me, let alone doing it!! LOL!! I have never been near a vast expanse of water, but always dreamed of it. My knees are sore from land work!!LOL!!! smilie

DateSep 28, 2010
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MessageCharmaine..Just checking out your site here, and it's a fine read gurl! love it!... Will be visiting now and then to keep up on the sea's.. hugs to both.. Burr

NameJuliette Moreno
DateAug 22, 2010
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MessageHi Charly!! Love your website, I feel like I've been sucked into a noval, can't stop reading your story of how it all came about. Now I understand why you write like a poet. I'm looking forward to reading about you and Bill and can't wait to get to the pics! When I said "I want your life", I meant it! Perhaps one day..... but for now, I'll just have to live it through your eyes.
Sail on.....

DateJul 14, 2010
MessageIn Response to Jeff Longmore (below):

Hi Jeff! Congrats! Told ya she is a fast and slick vessel born to FLY! I just love it and am so very happy for you. About those slider fronts and/or trim for the cockpit coaming lockers: I DO know of a place that makes those (including the frame) but I have to dig through my info to find it. Unfortunately, I never added them here to the website where they'd be easy to find! I will find the company. They can make those to your exact specs., reasonably priced too. FOUND IT: http://updplastics.com Contact info is on their homepage, you can see some examples too. Very very nice and easy to talk to; just let them know what you need. Big Hugs!!

NameJeff Longmore
DateJul 14, 2010
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MessageHi Charmaine: I am now the proud owner of "Old Guys Rule" - a lovely Lancer 36. We have a shopping list of miscellaneous repairs to do which is being whittled down wekend by weekend. An intractable problem though is the frames for the sliders in the hatches in the cockpit. These are heavily chipped and embrittled - I've looked everywhere for replacements with no success - any ideas?
FYI we were doing 7.2 knots over the ground in about 20 knots breeze with the genoa alone! This with a fixed 3 blade prop - can't wait to get a folding 3 blade on her!

Regards to you both: Jeff L.

NameJim Schmitz
DateJun 20, 2010
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MessageCharmaine and Bill, nice to see you all again. This time at Burdines fuel dock. Hope all is well. Happy Father's day to Bill!

Thank you, sweet Jim! Always so good to see you! What a nice surprise that was. Thanks for the well wishes and the same to you. Super big hugs!!

Much Love, Charmaine & Bill

NameTeresa Woodrum Chastain
DateJun 05, 2010
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MessageTHANK YOU and BIG BIG hugs to each of you...Awesome website. You guys are awesome and I'm so glad to be able to call you my friends....Continue to enjoy and know that you are thought of....

Always and Forever Your Friend

AunTT smilie
(nikname from my nephews)

DateMar 03, 2010
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MessageCharmaine & Bill!
I hope life on the water finds you well! It has been about 2 years since the last exchange, but I am still telling your fantastic story!

The boy's have really shot upward and they look nothing like the picture in your blog.

Stay safe and smooth sailing!

Stephen, Alex, Justin

Hey there! How wonderful to hear from you sweet Stephen! Please send me updated pics of your boys aboard as I would love to show them off again. It is so wonderful of you to touch bases with us. Please do stay in touch. Hard to believe so much time has passed.
Big Hugs and Lotsa Love, Charmaine & Bill

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