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NameElizabeth Beck
DateMar 17, 2012
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Messageafter our chat I went to your page and saw your wonderful quote, which made me that much more curious. you have always been a loving sister positive you certainly are! But I didn't know what an interesting life you lead1 WOW! I'll be checking on your site more often! Love you! Do you do short cruises for hire? My husband is a blinded marine and he misses the sea. I told him one day we will get him on a boat again. Thank you for sharing your wonderful life! xoxoxo

NameDeanna Lilley-Shaughnessy
DateNov 22, 2011
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MessageI still like to check in every once in a while to scroll through your pictures. It was so good to see you this summer!

NameMyrna & Earl Claunch
DateNov 08, 2011
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MessageWe really enjoy your site Charmaine. We have been following you for several years now. Have made the keys many times by car. Hope to see them by boat soon. Would love to meet you two.

S/V "ROSA" ___________ Reply to Myrna & Earl Claunch: Thank you ever so much for your kind words. Would love to meet you both as well! Hugs, Charmaine

NameMarty Starks
DateOct 03, 2011
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MessageHello, i "found" you thru' Obama anniversary comment on Facebook. Wanna save this site to come back and read some more when I have time. Wishing you well... Marty

DateMar 27, 2011
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MessageBoy! Lady you sure are living the life! I just happened upon your website while looking for nothing in particular, just a lazy Sunday afternoon while fixing dinner for my man and I. I really enjoyed the adventure and stories on your website. It was definitely thought provoking as I retired from a job after 33 years just 2 years ago, and almost immediately began another! I've not sailed on a boat smaller than the Carnivale Mardi Gras (1988)or most recently last year on the Liberty of the Seas (Royal Caribbean). My man is a merchant seaman by trade and navigates container ships for Maersk, so we are somewhat connected to the sea! I have bought him cameras and a videocam to capture some of the dolphins, stingray and other sea life he tends to see off the bough of the ships he navigates. Thank you for the experience you share with everyone who reads and views your website!

NameAugust Trometer
DateMar 08, 2011
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MessageWhat a great site by great interesting, wonderful people, who are living the life I would truly like to live!!!

Private Message added Mar 08, 2011

DateJan 12, 2011
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MessageHey Guys!

It's been a while. Hoping and praying that all is well with the both you and September Sea!

Justin and Alex are eleven. They are great kids. I am very proud of them. I am still planning for my retirement on the seas.

God bless,


Will I see you guys in 2013 in SF for the Cup. I learned how to sail in the bay. I am there for sure!


NameJulie Doss
DateDec 28, 2010
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MessageI will be a visitor here more often. To go from the "country life" to the sea is such a scary thought for me, let alone doing it!! LOL!! I have never been near a vast expanse of water, but always dreamed of it. My knees are sore from land work!!LOL!!! smilie

DateSep 28, 2010
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MessageCharmaine..Just checking out your site here, and it's a fine read gurl! love it!... Will be visiting now and then to keep up on the sea's.. hugs to both.. Burr

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