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"Life's a Gift... Unwrap It!" - C~

Charmaine & Bill Aboard s/v September Sea
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DateJan 24, 2017
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Private Message added Oct 06, 2016

Namestewart and alice king
DateJan 22, 2016
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MessageHi: read with much interest as we are looking at a Lancer 40, and a 44. The major question at the beginning of our quest WAS the integrity of the boats, which have been put to rest as we dug into the history of Lancer and Lee. Thank you for your endeavors and suggestions. Oriental, NC ________________________ Reply to Stewart and Alice King: Thank you for stopping by with your wonderful comments. Much appreciated. Fair winds to you both! Hugs, Charmaine

DateApr 28, 2015
Messagedoesn't look like u can play golf, and u better find some 7up for me.... lol ______________ Reply to Bob: Silly Wabbit! LOL Such is how landlubbers greet sailors! Hahahahaaa Love ya anyway! Hugs, Charmaine

NameJohn Mitchell
DateOct 18, 2014
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MessageI owned a 1982 Lancer 36 in San Diego from 1991 to 1996 living aboard. It had the fractional rig and the original owner had opted for all the upgrades and it really did perform well. I thought it out-performed most sailboats in its class, and especially in light wind which was often the conditions in San Diego. I single-handed it quite often and enjoyed entertaining on it. The open V-berth made it quite livable and was one of the features that really hooked me. My wife and I married in 1994 and lived aboard together while she finished college at UCSD. I sold it to put a down payment on a house in 1996, but that was part of the plan as we had our first child in 1997. It held its value quite well compared to my purchase price even though at the time it was a somewhat under-appreciated brand and design. I will always fondly remember my time aboard her. I am not averse to retiring on a boat with a layout such as that. The time quickly draws near. I am not so sure about my wife, though, who is strictly a bay and harbor sailor, and turns green upon the slightest swell; hence all my single-hand experience! More than once while she visited family on weekends she had to wait at the marina for her husband to come back with the "house."

NameDave & Frannie
DateAug 14, 2014
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MessageGreat web site Must have taken hours on end to complete. We have a 36 Lancer and wondered 2 things: 1. What company made the original port windows? Need new rubber gaskets. 2. Where is the locaton of the water heater?


Dave ____________ Reply to Dave & Frannie: Not all Lancer 36's are identical, nor were all built by Farr & Lee. Also, often times original placements are altered (for example, on s/v September Sea, the water heater was moved from aft of the engine over into the port side of the aft lazarette). We did that to accommodate the addition of a 4.5 kw inboard generator in its place. Perfect fit there and worked like a charm. The windows are Beckson's. Parts and replacements are readily available to this day. Fair winds! Charmaine

NameCharmaine Smith Ladd
DateMay 21, 2014
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MessageThe Guestbook is now active again and working. It has been down for almost two years!! My sincerest apologies!

September Sea and her crew were on a planned eighteen month trek up the east coast, on our way to the Chesapeake, when (as things sometimes do) something happened!!

Long story short, you can read all about it in my book - "Shake Hands with Yourself: A Peacemaker's Guide to Happiness & Inner Peace."

Even though the book is not a "sailing" book, I know you will enjoy its message and learning what we're up to now.

Thank you so much for coming back to see us!
Hope all is well with you and yours!

Hugs, Charmaine (& Bill)
"Life's a Gift...Unwrap It!" - C~

DateJun 21, 2012
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MessageYou have suddenly come back into my life!!! A friend sent me a photo from your website and the memories came flooding back. We haven't seen you since Sir Charles's 80th birthday...and can you believe we just celebrated his 85th????
We are basically good. Enjoy many of the same problems/challenges most of this country does these days. We are no longer in Clearwater. It's a long story. But we're in St. Pete Beach just the north side of Tampa Bay in a lovely place.
Would love to catch up with you and Bill. Perhaps we could chat on the old fashioned phone one day? Visiting your website brought back so many wonderful memories. And stabbed me in the heart with how very much we miss you two.
I hope all is well with you and that you are still living the dream. I can't quite get the gist of where you are at the present...still at Sombrero?
Would love to hear from you.
Big and huge hugs,

NameElizabeth Beck
DateMar 17, 2012
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Messageafter our chat I went to your page and saw your wonderful quote, which made me that much more curious. you have always been a loving sister positive you certainly are! But I didn't know what an interesting life you lead1 WOW! I'll be checking on your site more often! Love you! Do you do short cruises for hire? My husband is a blinded marine and he misses the sea. I told him one day we will get him on a boat again. Thank you for sharing your wonderful life! xoxoxo

NameDeanna Lilley-Shaughnessy
DateNov 22, 2011
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MessageI still like to check in every once in a while to scroll through your pictures. It was so good to see you this summer!

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