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NameBob Akins
DateDec 13, 2008
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MessageReally enjoy your site.Thank you for taking the time to keep it up.We are new to sailing (2nd year inland lakes)and planning our first coastal/keys trip in mid January.
Our Lancer is much smaller (1977 25)but we enjoy sailing this boat (our 2nd).
Maybe we will be in your area,if so we will keep an eye out. Our boat isn't named yet.
Thanks again... Bob and Dawn

DateDec 04, 2008
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MessageI already tried it again..used a thicker bottom boiler and didnt put so much in the bag..I really loaded that first one up and this time it worked fine...so thanks for the idea....and I have a lot more of your adventures to read so I will probably be mailing again...hopefully we will see you out on the water some time....fair winds...gerald

DateDec 03, 2008
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Messagejust wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your blogs....hope you guys are doing fine and I will continue to read....sitting here now laughing about the one right after hurricane jeanne when the skeeters almost got you all....my gf and I are wannabe cruisers...we have a daysailer but are looking for a boat to cruise on...but since we are still working its gonna be a while I guess.....anyway..thanks for sharing...oh btw I tried your method for cooking omlets and the dayam ziplock bag stuck to the bottom of the boiler and when I lifted it to check it the bottom fell out..gonna try it again in the morning so wish me more luck...hugs..gerald(and my gf joanne)

NameJeremy Gow
DateSep 04, 2008
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MessageHi Guys,

You don't know me, but I've visited your website a number of times, specifically when I was considering purchasing and moving aboard a 36' Lancer. I did just that, last August, and have successfully lived through my first winter aboard. Seeing your website and how creatively you've used your space, really made the notion much easier for me. You two have done a terrific job of making the most of a boat that admittedly, is very liveable to begin with, but I'd have to say you've out-done yourselves.

The biggest challenges I faced (living in Vancouver, British Columbia) were somewhat the opposite to your challenges. I needed to keep the boat warm and dry in a very wet climate. When you heat a boat that sits on cold water, of course it sweats, so I installed an enormous household dehumidifier that keeps the humidity at a very comfortable level, along with an oil-filled electric heater, and a small box fan heater to circulate the air on board.

By the way, you are right - these are slippery boats - I had mine going 8 knots in a nice strong breeze last summer in the Canadian Gulf Islands on the Genoa alone...

Thank you both for the inspiration to go ahead and make a rewarding lifestyle choice... My next step may just be to try and make a living teaching sailing aboard my Lancer!

All the best, and many thanks,

Jeremy Gow

NameLeanne and Pete
DateSep 04, 2008
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MessageHi Charmaine and Bill,

I wanted to thank you! We just closed a deal to purchase a 1983 Lancer 36 and your web site proved invaluable in helping us make that decision. Thank you for all the great info and for sharing photos of your beautiful boat and your life living aboard it. We are looking so forward to making "Never Say Never" our own!

I have attached our "before" photos

Cheers! Leanne and Pete

NameLynda and Nick
DateJul 10, 2008
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MessageHey Charmaine and Bill! We just wanted to say Hi! Hope you all are doing fine. Nick sent you an email a few days ago, check it out. Everyone here in Springfield is great. Hope to see you guys again soon. smilie

DateJul 02, 2008
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MessageHey Charmaine and Bill!

My name is Mona, and I looked at your sight yesterday it was awesome. I am sorry to hear about your great loss, God speed your healing. Your site draaws people in so much, the pictures of your grand babies is adorable! They are sooo cute. Anyway, I hope you guys are in good health and spirits. Thank you for sharing your oh so beautiful family with the world.


NameSusanne & Judith
DateJul 02, 2008
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MessageHi Charmaine!

Just read through your fantastic story! It was hilarious - as you promised.
By the way...we left florida as white as we arrived (at least Judith was - my colouring has changed to "extreme red"smilie
Hope you are doing fine and that you and Bill are having a great time!

Greetings from Europe
Susanne Charmaine's Reply (in German): Hallo meine Freunde aus Deutschland! Danke für Ihren Brief und zu schreiben war so nett von Ihnen. Hoffen Sie, dass Sie zwei einen wundervollen Tag haben und irgendeine Sonne erhalten. Große Umarmungen, Charmaine von den Florida-Schlüsseln

DateJun 21, 2008
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Messagewell her i am been working on my 36 got all the wiring worked out (has been a job) thanks for your help i got pic of my boat ill send them via e mail . your's and mine are the same. still have a long way to go, but the out come will be great. hope to see you on the open sea some time . and if you are near ST. Augustine say high to my mom & dad .i would really like to get a look at your mast a close up and all around. i am rigging my boat and mine was not on it when i got it. well thank you for all your help and god bless you and yours bob Charmaine's Reply: Just forwarded you some pics that may be of help to ya Bob. I received the photos from enthusiastic new Lancer 36 owners Leann and Pete s/v Never Say Never. Thanks to Leann and Pete and we are thrilled for you and your Lancer 36. Hugs, C~

Namerose caillier
DateMar 31, 2008
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Messageshowing you sum love..
how are you doing smilie
we love ya n miss ya..

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