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DateJun 21, 2008
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Messagewell her i am been working on my 36 got all the wiring worked out (has been a job) thanks for your help i got pic of my boat ill send them via e mail . your's and mine are the same. still have a long way to go, but the out come will be great. hope to see you on the open sea some time . and if you are near ST. Augustine say high to my mom & dad .i would really like to get a look at your mast a close up and all around. i am rigging my boat and mine was not on it when i got it. well thank you for all your help and god bless you and yours bob Charmaine's Reply: Just forwarded you some pics that may be of help to ya Bob. I received the photos from enthusiastic new Lancer 36 owners Leann and Pete s/v Never Say Never. Thanks to Leann and Pete and we are thrilled for you and your Lancer 36. Hugs, C~

Namerose caillier
DateMar 31, 2008
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Messageshowing you sum love..
how are you doing smilie
we love ya n miss ya..

NameDeanna Lilley-Shaughnessy
DateMar 18, 2008
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MessageJust popping in to say I love you guys!


NameYour Daughter
DateFeb 21, 2008
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NameRyan Carter
DateDec 28, 2007
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MessageBill and Charmaine,

Decided to stop by today. Love the new section keep it up. Hope to see you guys soon.

Have Great Day!

smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie

NameMichelle M. Hurley
DateDec 15, 2007
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MessageI came across your website quite fortuitously, and was completely drawn in. I had a dream last night about a man whose first name was Eden, and in trying to unlock the meaning of this dream, I hit your website. Your family appears so happy and at peace with life, that I had to say thank you for sharing your world. I too am a water lover. I'm not much of a sailor, though I received a 12' Kingfisher sailboat for my 12th birthday, I never really learned how to sail it. I'm much more of a waterskier and sport boater. But, the pictures of your family are wonderful and the love you have for family and life just shines through each. Take care.

Michelle M. Hurley
In the Carolinas

NameSeline Hill
DateNov 30, 2007
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MessageHello September Sea ~

I am speechless after reading so many entries of your family adventures. It was as if I were right there alongside you within each story. I cried a lot reading about your son BJ, then the tears were washed away with the smiles of his children as they fill his footprints in the sand. You, Charmaine, should be on Oprah for all the world to get to know. I'd bet a million bucks you are an incredible mother, wife and grandmother -- and not to forget, a great friend.

I popped on to your webside with an invitation from a excited friend (Stephen) in Atlanta whose boys are in your "Brothers" piece.

If you would like a pen pal in Raleigh, NC -- consider my heart a welcome mat.

Seline Hill

NameStephen P.
DateNov 25, 2007
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MessageCharmaine, Bill,

Hello there, I'm Stephen. A sailor out of Atlanta. I'm preparing for my next life chapter which will be as a live aboard. I read hundreds of web sites in an attempt to capture all I can about living aboard a sailboat. But when I read Charmaine calling someone boo.......I had to investigate.

I've read your entire web site with a smile. You two are living the life I hope to have. Family, friends, and love ones all sharing in your dreams on the water.

I'm sadden to read about your loss.....God Speed to the both of you and your families!
Please continue the journals......good reading and informative.

Smooth sailing.......


NameTeresa G.
DateOct 28, 2007
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MessageHope you continue loving your sailing lifestyle. Your pictures are just beautifully amazing. Thank you for such a great website. T.G.

NameJanet Miller
DateSep 24, 2007
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageI love you!

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