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NameRita Cannava
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MessageSomething drew me to the site today... As David Ludvigson said, I think of Nick often...It's been over 4 years since his passing, but it doesn't seem that long ago I worked with him... I hope that Deb and the kids are doing well. I drive by the memorial at least weekly and always think about them.

God Bless.

NameDavid Ludvigson
MessageI thought about Nick again happens pretty often. Even though it has been quite some time since he passed, I feel like he is still present. My best to the family, Deb, the kids, father, mother, sister....

NameLisa Howland
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MessageRest in Peace now as an Angel.

NameCristian Signoretto
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MessageI worked with Nick in Italy and my thoughts go out to his family. Hi Nick.

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NameDave Cairncross
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MessageYesterday I was so happy to see a replacement memorial on 56 bikepath. I searched and read Nick's story and obituary, and see the world is better for having him, and for losing him. I hope to see some memorial on the site kept up in perpetuity. Best regards to a fine mans family.

NameEric Edmondson
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MessageI don't know why I thought of Nick today. For some reason I searched his name and found this website...

I worked with Nick extensively when he was at Nanogen. He was a professional and fun to work with. Nick was hard working, knowledgeable and had a wonderful sense of humor. He was a people person. He knew how to deal with strong personalities very effectively. A rare capability!

Its odd to be writing about him in the past tense. He still seems present to me.

NameChris Orrock
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MessageMy name is Chris Orrock and Nick was my first best friend. We were born across the street from each other in Ventura Ca. I had reconnected with Nick about a year or two ago via Facebook and got caught up on the phone. I am shocked and saddened to hear of his loss. I still have memories of us riding our battery powered motorcylces up and down Halifax street, having water ballon fights, and going to the beach. My heart is broken knowing that he is gone.

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