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NameChris Orrock
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MessageMy name is Chris Orrock and Nick was my first best friend. We were born across the street from each other in Ventura Ca. I had reconnected with Nick about a year or two ago via Facebook and got caught up on the phone. I am shocked and saddened to hear of his loss. I still have memories of us riding our battery powered motorcylces up and down Halifax street, having water ballon fights, and going to the beach. My heart is broken knowing that he is gone.

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NamePat Johnson
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MessageHave been thinking about Nick a lot lately and just wanted to post that we miss you very much. Have been by the site a few time in the last couple weeks and it is still hard to believe you are gone. I love to think about the times BBQing at your house or the Halloween Parties here and my favorite, the last time we talked when I was stopped at the light on Valle Verde and Espola and you rode up on your back on your way home from work, we only spoke for a few minutes (as we held up cars) but it was a brief moment I will always remember. Since I am at that corner everyday, I think of that time often and smile. You will always live in our hearts. See you in heaven my friend... Pat

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NameMichael Bascon
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MessageI will be riding for you tomorrow! may you shine down and keep us all safe!

NameMichael Parker
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MessageI only knew Nick for a short period of time, but in that time I was able to see how kind and caring an individual he was. Nick volunteered his time to meet with me to advise and talk about my career and academic progressions. He was open with his past and reassuring about the future. I learned a lot from our meetings and will value his words as I move forward. The loss I felt was shocking and confusing to say the least, and I can only imagine the loss felt by those closer to Nick. I have not had the opportunity to meet his family, but if an opportunity to give back arises, I hope that I will be in a position to help. Nick is and will remain an inspiration for me and many others.

NameDavid Bell
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MessageSuch a miserable shocking loss. Ride that route at least twice a week since it's opening. Remember riding the freeway the day it was open for bikers. One of what should have been one of the safest areas in San Diego. I'll be riding the Tour de Poway in memorial for Nick.

Best wishes to the family.

NameCarrie Gorton
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MessageNick was an amazing example of treating all he encountered with kindness and sincerity. I too have not kept in touch since high school but like so many others who commented here, I have a clear memory of his smile, his sincere heart, and his kind soul. My deepest regrets go out to his family. (Reposting from Facebook from 6/4/2011)

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