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NameKerry Kohl
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MessageI've read a majority of the words of encouragement,hope and caring written on these pages. I did not know Nick personally, but now I feel I know him well. There are no winners in a trajedy like this. On one hand we have the loss of a husband, father, and a good human being. On the other we have a young lady who will have to live with the burden of having killed a person and seriously injuring another. If Nick would have been one second slower or one second faster he would be with us today. I don't have an answer for you regarding why he is gone. It is now time for us to corperately uphold and to come alongside of those most affected by his absense. I will remember this person I never knew, he left us an example of how we should be. Let us also never forget how quickly our lives and the lives of those around us can change. Bike Angel Ministries

NameLance Thomas
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I had just met with Nick and others at Sapphire Energy. I work for American Express and had met Nick while he was at Nanogen, Ambit, and Sapphire. I just wanted to say to his family that even though we met a few times, he was always very polite and repsectful. This has really hit home for my as I am a father of two and would not wish this upon anyone. I lost my father when I was 13 and although I miss him dearly and wish he had been able to see my accomplisments, I feel that most of my accomplishments were because of him. I used him as a motivator to try and be the best. Doing it for my father definately got me through some tough times. I guess what I am trying to say is that even though Nick is gone, some very postive things will come from this. Though hard to do right now, try to remember great memories. I still do. Also, my mother made a cool picture book for my brother and I. It contains pictures and comments from my mom on how special he was. I still to this day open it and read and cry. It's ok to cry because we are sad that he is gone. Thanks

NameDavid Page
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MessageI worked with Nick at Ernst & Young. He was great to work with. I remember admiring his knowledge and work ethic. After not seeing him for a while, we caught up at a recent E&Y alumni event. I found myself admiring him again. This time for his ability to balance work and family. His commitment to his family, the love and happiness came through so strong. He will be missed.

NameAlex White
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MessageNick, you will be missed but your memories and accomplishments with your friends and family will live on forever.

Namejohn keating
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MessageI never had the opportunity to meet Nick, but from what I've read he was a good person and family man. Only God could make sense of the tragedy. I'm commited to making biking safer in San Diego so other families don't have to suffer like this. God bless the Venuto's.

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MessageMy deepest condolences to all of Nicks family. I did not know him but I feel saddened by this tragic event.

Rest in Peace Nick.

NameC. Jean Law
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MessageI find joy and happiness through biking. That was interrupted when Nick was killed and another cyclist was seriously injured. We use the same bike path regularly. I went past the same spot after work to add extra miles. We were just up there on Monday, Memorial Day. I feel sad for what happened and think of Nick, the fallen cyclist, and his family often even though I have never met him or his family. In wake of this tragedy, I draw strength from them. Their dignity is the source of inspiration for me. We must carry on in honor of Nick.

NameRita Cannava
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MessageI had the pleasure of working with Nick for only one short year at Nanogen. This was a tough year, as the company was struggling (eventually going out of business), and of course Nick was bearing a lot of that burden as the CFO.

With all that stress, he was always pleasant and always available to answer any questions. He had the best smile. At the company picnic I attended, he took the time to make me and my brother welcome and chat with us, and still keep an eye on his kids as they were with the clown getting their faces painted (I think). I am blessed that I got to know him even for that short time.

My heart was broken when I realized the accident I was behind on the 56 took the life of someone I Knew and liked so much. I was so glad at the service to hear Deb share of the many family trips they had taken over the last year or so, and know that those memories will last forever!

I trust that Nick is having a fabulous time riding in heaven, and that we will all get to see him again.

My prayers go out to Deb, Nicholas and will have comfort and peace in your memories of your wonderful husband and dad...God bless you.

NameDoug Obenshain
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MessageNick joined Ernst & Young when I was a young audit partner, and I had the pleasure of working with him on a number of clients including Graviton. When Nick told us he was leaving E&Y to become their controller, we were sorry to see him go but knew he would do a great job for Graviton.

Then, several times over the years I had the opportunity to serve as a reference for Nick. I always told prospective employers that Nick was a consummate professional who they would get to like and respect more and more every day they interacted with him.

I also had the honor of Nick consulting with me on several occasions for career guidance and advice. A few months ago he told me he was considering multiple opportunities -- he clearly liked the potential of Sapphire the most but was concerned that it was only a six-week consulting job rather than a permanent position. I told Nick that, after Sapphire spent six weeks getting to know him and seeing how he worked, there was no way they wouldn't hire him on full-time. Sure enough, five weeks after he started, he had a huge smile on his face as he told me that, yes, Sapphire had in fact made him that full-time offer. He was very excited and looking forward to helping them become a huge success.

Nick was one of the truly all-around great guys...level-headed, even-keeled, always positive, and just an exceptionally solid person in every respect. He will be dearly missed by so many. May God bless him and his family.

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