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Messagei pity you.... may you come to know Christ fully...

Namejames Adam
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Messagethanks, I was raised in an evangelical/fundamental enviro. i'm 53 yr .my father was the minister. at 14 yr age i deconverted and never regretted even though its been difficult .it feels as if my family has rejected me but i prefer to open my mind to reason and critical thinking. thank you for your work, very reasuring! JRA

Message(...) stick to just one ordeal as to not become fixed on it. That was the cause of suffering, fixation, not enjoyment. A lot of people, mostly ex-Christian practitioners, said they were surprised, even reluctant about this idea, given they were taught to feel guilty about everything and some.
Anyway, I'm not trying to negate your critics as to say Buddhism is impassive of them, but I thought I should point out this detail.

Kind regards!

MessageHello there!
I'm here to comment on the Overgeneralizations and Shortcomings of the Most Respected Religion text by Winston Wu. I'm glad to read an honest critical take given, as stated in the text, this is a deeply respected and mainly untouched philosophy. I also understand personal essays are never, nor should mean to, be neutral, and the opinions laid out are exclusively Mr Wu's, so that's who I am hoping to be addressing.

I had this feeling throughout the reading that you were mostly criticizing other people's understanding of the core Buddhist teachings then the teaching themselves, as those are actually quite more subjective to one's mindset than they sound.
In the lasf half of the text you summarized what you observed to be the common behavior of active Buddhists, and it was not a pretty sight =P
Now I don't where you live, but perhapds you should consider that that might have been a localized occurence. I attented a Tibetan Buddhism temple for 2 years before I moved, along with workshops and a coupe retreats, and the practitioners I interacted with were nothing like that. The monks themselves were the most full of life around, spreading it to those carrying the pessimistic take they got from books (as you seem to have).
They enjoyed life. We enjoyed it with them, and more. Never once it was mentioned that our mundane passions or hobbies were harmful to our path. The only warning was quite like what you commented actually, that one shouldn't (continue...)

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MessageI read your testimony and many portions of your cite. You speak deep insights from your heart. Your testimony to date is beautiful. Christians--especially those of a fundamentalist mindset-- have a lot to learn from you.

As you know, not all Christianity is of the form you escaped from. I'll link you to two websites that I've found interesting in my own journey. My intent is love:

www.tentmaker.org [orthodox Christian universalism]

www.sidroth.org/site/News2?abbr=tv_&page=NewsArticle&id=9223 [conquering evil through love]

NameSimon Phipps
MessageCan someone help me? I've drunk ten pints of homeopathic remedies and overdosed on them. Will I die?

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MessageEnjoying the site. However, there are a few broken links on the arguments against christianity.Under #4 The Bible is Inconsistent with History and Smithonian Statement on Bible Historicity links are down.
Thanks for all your work!. smilie

NameSharon Ramirez, Admin. Director, MTSP
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MessageRight on SCEPCOP!!!

"The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of
the Paranormal (CSICOP) has become the most publicly visible
institution engaged in the debate on the paranormal. Initially CSICOP
was primarily a scholarly body but soon after its beginning it adopted
a popular approach that fostered a more broadly based social movement.
It actively promoted the formation of local societies with similar
aims. Both CSICOP and the local groups have some distinguishing
features. Prestigious scholars are affiliated with these or-
ganizations, a disproportionate number of magicians are involved, the
groups are dominated by men, and many members hold religious views
that are antagonistic to the paranormal. Despite the name of the
organization, actual research is a very low priority of the Committee.
In fact, CSICOP instituted a policy against doing research itself.
CSICOP's highest priority has been to influence the media. Its
rhetoric and activities are designed to appeal to a broad audience
rather than to scientists who investigate unusual or controversial
phenomena." - George P. Hansen

Thank you George. I couldn't have said it better myself. smilie

NameYale S.Y. Landsberg
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MessageKeep up the great work!

The way science advances, paradigm by paradigm, seems to me to like the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. I.e., the way science is done at the beginning of a new paradigm is very different than the way it is done at the end. So ideas worthy of exploration at the beginning may well be considered woo at the end.

Thus fellow explorers, invictus! Boltzmann's idea of entropy was held in contempt by Mach. Earlier, George Ohm was fired from his post as a high school physics teacher for publishing Ohm's Law. Soon after that, Herman Grassmann, another German high school teacher (of mathematics) was luckier. Publication of his discovery (or invention) of directed magnitudes (we call them "vectors"smilie was just dismissed by the leading mathematicians of his time.

As what we come to scientifically believe is so dependent on what is explored -- and how it is explored, scientific knowledge at any specific time is often more a matter of how much the scientific method was actually being scrupulously implemented than how superior it is as compared to other means of knowing.

Therefore, hopefully, those inclined be open to new possibilities will help me explore health implications of my GreenTyme project and my patented freely available on the Web Synclecron. Especial as my CUBS/"Chronically Under-informed Bio-clock Syndrome" may be the beginning of a new "chronic health instead of chronic health problems" paradigm. Suggestions much appreciated!

NameGarry Scholey
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MessageYellowlawn, ad hominems won't change the fact that most woo merchants have extremely low standards when it comes to presenting evidence. smilie

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