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NameGraham Priestley
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MessageI don't see why a "master debunker of Skeptics" can't just post on Skeptico's blog and enter into debate with him.
Maybe Skeptico is in fear of your mighty technique of debunkery? smilie smilie
Vinstonas, if Skeptico won't debate with you I know this Skeptic would:


It would be good to see your much vaunted "mastery" of debunking us "close minded" Skeptics. smilie

Good luck with debunking Bronze Dog, should you choose to accept that mission. smilie

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MessageThanks for the info and opening peoples eyes to what religion is all about. smilie

MessageTo Graham Priestley:

Science reliable? Have you seen the recent news report where 1 in 7 scientists said they saw their colleagues FAKE data to please their funders? Whether science is reliable or not, the fact is, it is at a loss to explain many paranormal things. So just because it can't explain it, does that mean you should attribute it ALL to error because it's simply impossible in your book? No that would not be logical. I did go back to Skeptico's blog but the post about me was locked and would not accept any further replies. Tell them to unlock it first.

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MessageYou are stupid, dumb, or mentally ill and you are dangerous. I am turning you in to the authorities. Please get help and return to what ever institution that you absconded from.


NameGraham Priestley
MessageVinstonas, science is most likely the ONLY RELIABLE way of researching extraordinary events. It isn't the only way of knowing, sure, but the word RELIABLE means a hell of a lot.
By the way Vinstonas why don't you come back to Skeptico's blog site to get your behind kicked again? smilie

MessageExtraordinary! Your research and hard work yields a breath of fresh air amidst such toxic negativism from the ignorant who have yet to perceive and be the wiser.

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MessageGreat website! great information as i myself have turned from the social control this world calls religion. Christianity, The greatest story ever told! The ancients had it all figured out. The People of the "ACE" after common era, took what they wanted and ran with it. Power, Money and control!!!!! Religion cannot reform society as religion is slavery!.... Again, great stuff man I loved it.

NameGraham Priestley
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Messagei have personal experience of crystal hugging homeopathic fairy reiki energy. Pseudoskiptical close minded scientists say i'm wrong or liying. they are the ones who are deluded!

NameJoey Beckham
MessageI just have to add one more thing...I really, deep down inside, laugh at the human race in light of what I experience in this world, and yet at the same time, I sink in despair as well. Alas, who am I but a mere mortal? Or am I...really?

Good night---

NameJoey Beckham
MessageAdding to my previous statement...what is reality without unreality/fantasy? Yes without no? Man without woman, light and darkness..and so on.It is so interesting....perception that is... because skeptics and believers go hand in hand as brothers it seems...one does not exist perhaps without the other. Or does it?

Are we not all a part of the same puzzle and yet apart?
Good day---

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