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NameJoey Beckham
MessageHi...This is great! I have DIRECT EXPERIENCES within the astrology realm myself and I commend your work here. Science is not everything. For instance, How does anyone really know that milleniums ago, the very first iota of any type of science came into being based upon forces at work unknown to man...? Or better yet, how does one know whether or not these forces were at work with correlatory astrological timing DEPICTING the unfolding of the very birth of any type of science whatsoever? So in other words, could science be derived from a source that goes beyond even science itself? Just a thought.. smilie I hear people sometimes say to me, " I don't believe in that" or "I don't believe in God, astrology, etc. etc. etc."....yet I'm amused that I find myself replying to these people with..."Obviously you do because you just said the word "that", or the word "God" as if these things did exist, or could perhaps...Yes it is just only the way they said it, but still...it is amusing. I seem to find that there is always something else beyond something else in this life. And it's always much more than what science/skeptics say it is and I'm always fascinated and reaffirmed in my own reality when I do discover more in this life. Thanks for putting a feedback place here. Good day--

MessageTo Brian Ford:

Well it's true. Science isn't the ONLY way to know something. DIRECT EXPERIENCE is another way. If I see and touch and experience something, I don't need science to tell me that it was real.

You are laughing at yourself. If you want to discuss this, I challenge you to come into my forum and point out where the flaws are. You can't cause all you are is about denying evidence in favor of dogma. You have a priori beliefs, not a truth seeker.

NameBrian Ford
MessageI laughed at most of the arguments you put forward. Your straw man argument that has some one say that science is the only reliable method makes me think "What method would these folks propose that is better than science at uncovering the secrets of the universe?" Not that I expect one to be forthcoming from you lot. You are so busy trying to be "non judgemental" that you wouldn't allow negative data to deter you from your beliefs.

Name ashutosh
Locationclick picture for more information
Messagedear wu

many many thanks for such truthful and enlightening writings exposing christian fundamentalists.
i am particularly impressed being from india; as christian and evangelical fundamentalists have totally overtaken indian media.they are hell bent upon forcibly converting poor tribal indiansand are creating grave social divisions in indian society.

NameBarry New
MessageI'm glad that someone is fighting back against skeptics that use tired and flabby arguments to try to imprison everyone into their worldview. However some of the arguments debunking the debunkers are flawed. For example the statement that "It is possible for something to exist without leaving behind collectable evidence as a souvenir to us. For example, planes, radio waves, electromagnetism, and light move around without leaving “hard evidence” yet they exist. Therefore, extraordinary phenomena can exist without leaving behind extraordinary evidence."
may be true but planes, radio and light are all detectable using scientific instruments. RADAR could detect planes, maybe some UFOs. EM can be detected by radio, RADAR, etc. So the argument looses some of its weight.
Some of your arguments are out of date, and some made me laugh. Most believers in God are also atheists when it comes to the religions of other faiths, so having a go at atheists seems ironic.
I will enjoy reading more of your arguments debunking the debunkers. smilie

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