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NameNorwood R Giddens
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MessageRM convertee PN2 to RM2 1964
USS Chilton APA 38 1964-1966
RM B School 1966-1967
USS Proteus AS 19 1967-1969
NAS Jacksonville FLA 1969-1971
COMTECH School 1971
NAVRADSTA Thurso Scotland 1971-1973
USS Mount Whitney 1973-1974
NAVCRUTDIST Raleigh NC 1974-1978
USS Trippe FF 1075 1978-1979
Retired RMC 6-14-1979

NameDouglas Hawkins RM2
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MessageI was in from 1967 thru 1971.
NTC Great Lakes
RM A at Bainbridge, MD
Code school at Norfolk
USS Sutter County LST-1150
We spent most of our time transporting bombs
from Subic to Cua Viet and up the rivers working
for the riverine force and listening to concussion
grenades all nite long.
USS Tolovana AO-64
We spent most of our time off the coast of Viet
Nam fueling ships.
It was great though, I always enjoy thinking and
hearing about my time over there.

NameRM2 Dave Lewis (Rochester NY)
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MessageBoot camp - GLakes
BE&E School - GLakes Training Center
RM 'A' School - Bainbridge Md.
Navradsta Fort Allen - Puerto Rico (Ponce)
Coast Guard Station(TAD) - St. Thomas Virgin Islands
USS Julius A. Furer(DEG-6) Homeport: Newport/Norfolk

Had a great time during my four years, met a lot of great guys from all over the country and still communicate with some of them. Sometimes wish I had stayed in for the entire 20. This is a great site glad I found it. Nice to hear how other RM's are doing...

NameErin (Ford) Meadows
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Message1990-1994 [RM2]: RTC Orlando, NTC San Diego, NCTS Keflavik, NCTS San Diego(ASCOMM North Island)
1995-present [LNCS, USN(RC)]

I would love to reconnect with "A" school classmates and anyone else I served with. Loving the Reserves and teh great friends I've made along the way!

You can also find me on Facebook and myspace!

NameJerry "Pete" Edwards RM2
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MessageQRK5 website. USN 1964-1970. GLakes 1964, RM "A" Bainbridge 1965, NCS Sidi Yahia Morocco message center, USS Charles H. Roan DD-853, and USS Claude V. Ricketts DDG-5. Now retired. Feel free to contact me if we were old shipmates. smilie [email protected]

NameBruce Gonzalez
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MessageRM2 (1974 - 1978)
- Boot Camp @ Great Lakes, IL (1974)
- Radioman 'A' School, NTC San Diego (1974)
- Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron One (VQ-1), NAS Agana, Guam "Westpac World Watchers" (1974 -1978)
- VQ-1 Det Atsugi, Japan (Spring-Summer 1975)

Wish I had stayed in the full 20...

NameCharles G Duffy
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MessageMy Grandfather was a radio man on the USS Nebraska in WWI.

The ships radio was installed in his house after WW1. A very Large Ham radio operation and tower in Revere Ma.

He was good at electronics at the time and other German scientist lived with him.

Their is Much more to this story with audio tapes.

NameHenry Bluing
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MessageNice website, good to see all that the RM's are alive and well.

CWO2, USN (Ret)

NameJohn Rudolph
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MessageI'm another RM to IT convert; retired in '00. Duty stations included:

Great Lakes IL (basic training)
OT "A" School Norfolk VA
RM "A" School San Diego CA
USS Forrestal (CV-59)
USS Sellers (DDG-11)
SHAPE Belgium
USS Charleston (LKA-113)
NSWC Dahlgren VA
USS LaSalle (AGF-3)
NCTS Keflavik IC
NCTS Washington DC

My book, A Squid's Cold War Story: My First Four Years in the United States Navy, is now complete and waiting for an agent. It covers my first 4 years in, what I went through, places I visited and people I worked with as a Radioman. The background covers the Cold War and the general atmosphere during those first four years and I am discussing the rate in detail and of course with a sense of humor.

NameLon K. He'bert, RM2(SW), USN, RET
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MessageI finally found this rm bullton board again. I Retired on 4-30-1993. I spent 21 years 10 months and 22 days as a Navy Radioman. I was in Country Danang Vietnam, USS TARAWA LHA-1 74-76, USS PELIEU LHA-5 76-77 Then got out for 11 months, USS OKLAHOMA City CLG-5 78-80. Then went to back to back sea tours on USNS PASSUMPSIC T-AO-107, AND Finally USS ROANOKE AOR-7(The ship from hell) good sailors and chiefs but the officers were not so great. I can still quote Q and Z signals., ZBM-2, QRU, INT ZBZ K. I worked as a civilian commiunicator from 97-05. I was working at NTCC Corpus Christi when they changed the RM/DP'S to IT'S. The one thing I found out is the new It's did know from squak what it meant to trouble shot a comm ckt. I helped a good friend of mine to study for IT1 which had at the time all the Radioman stuff on the E-6 Exam. well I drilled him so much he was a selectee.

As I always say "Once a Radioman always a Radioman"

After I got out of RM "a" School in 1971 when we finished the crypto phase I could see trend. I got my orders to the NAVCOMSTA Phlippines det Danang Vietnam. Well in those days they send you there. I was proud of what I did serving my country in a combat zone. I saw many of my ships mates being put in put in a box to go home.

My son is in the marine corps as a Marine Corps Radio Operator/Radioman same thing. it is ironic he is 3rd generation to be in communications in the military. I was in Nam, MY dad was in World War II, now him.

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