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Namethe band lump
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MessageWe remember playing a few good shows and one bad (for us) show with you guys! We loved you guys. Years later someone told me and we were like "OH, THAT's who's in Wheat"

Hope you're all grand!


NameMatt Mozzone
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MessageBest band of the 91-95 era Taunton music scene. Top notch music from top notch people! smilie

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MessageIt makes me really happy that this exists. I've searched before for any trace that this band existed, and I've never found anything until now. I found my old swimcap cassette tonight and popped it in. Everytime I do, I'm reminded of the times I saw these guys. Once at a dogtrack in Raynham or Taunton, and the other time at an outdoor on the square in Taunton. I only saw them twice, but I always think about how much of an impact they had one and my musical tastes. It broke my heart when my copy of by the way snapped in my tape deck over ten years ago. Thank you so much for having the mp3's here. This will serve to pacify me until the reunion tour hits nashville. Right? Am I right? Seriously though, thanks for putting this site here.

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MessageI was thrilled to come across this site saw this band once in Boston. I recieved a demo tape and played it so much the tape actually was worn out! Thx so much for this site, Im stoked to hear the music again. Sounds just as good as it did in the early ninties. smilie

Namebobby lu
Messagelong time since I listened to that I used to have the red record, wonder where that went?

NamePaul Paiva
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Messagelove it hi guys

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MessageBair's Carriage bring back some great memories of the early/mid-ninties & local alternative music. Specifically, I recall the WBRU annual local band competition which hosted the best talent in the Providence & nearby MA area. It might have been 1993, but Blair's Carriage won the final & was voted best local talent of the year. The final leg of the competition was hosted at The Call in Providence, RI & I recall roadying for my friend's band Immortal Alice who also made it the finals. Blair's Carriage was just awesome! Immortal Alice was great too.

I knew Scott had talent & nearly 20 years later his latest project Wheat is a testament to that.

I had demo cassettes of "By The Way" in the 1990's & listed to it all the time. I'm glad that material is available for us long standing fans. smilie

I'm living Colorado these days, but my Mom still lives in Taunton, MA & these tunes bring me to a time & place in my early twenties in the New England when the local music scene was thriving with talent & Alternative Music had just began to reach Pop air waves.

Thanks Guys,

NameAaron C
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MessageAwesome that this website exists. I saw Blair's Carriage at Babyhead at my first real club show; must have been sometime in 1992. Also smoked my first cigarette (quit long ago) at that same show -- I still have a "by the way" cassette tape kicking around, but no way to play it. This takes me back... I'm really happy that this band has a presence online.
It'd be great if the lyrics to those songs were posted; I was never able to figure out some words despite listening to these songs countless times.

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MessageGood Times. Reminds me of Providence in the summer of 1994. I had Swim Cap on cassette.

NameTed Rogers
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MessageAwesome awesome awesome page. Thanks so so much.

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