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NamePeter Gagnon
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MessageHey Guys... Love hearing your stuff again...! I remember the Baby Head show you did in Providence..., BRU Rock Hunt. Me and my wife, Tracy (Dave remember her? Tracy Erickson TFDV) went there from a wedding..., I'd say we were a bit over dressed for the Baby Head crowd! lol... Ahhh..., those days of PK (pre-kids). Hope all is well! Cheers...

NameJim Cahill
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MessageThis is for Tim Bradshaw.

This is Jim Cahill. From the UMASS/Amherst days. How are you? I now live in Rehoboth and have been trying to reach you over the last couple of years. Hope all is well. Love the pics from the Mid nineties of you drumming. I wish I was at some of those concerts.
I'd love to hear from you. Send me an email at [email protected]. Hope to hear from you.
Jim C

NameMatt G
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MessageUnbelievable! My sister just put on their Swim Cap demo tape during Thanksgiving this year and bam,... memories started flowing. All of a sudden I was 14 years old and at the Met Cafe again.

Thanks for putting together this web site. Blair's Carriage has been a subconscious heartbeat throughout my musical career.

Love it!

new york, ny

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MessageThis really brings back a lot of memories. Thanks for putting this up.

NameJason Oliveira
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MessageI have some live stuff if you are interested? I loved Blairs Carriage. Kenny (Wheat Bass), used to play for my band just before Wheat. I haven't stayed in great touch with Scott or Kenny, but I have always loved the music they made. I could tell some interesting stories about them.

Namematty c
Messagethanks for putting these up. I ran into blair's carriage 10 years ago at clark university in Worcester, MA. I thought they were great. I wish I could find the lyrics to the songs, I try to sing along with my crappy tape recording, but it's a little grainy. Hopefully these will be clear! Another good band gone by the wayside...

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I know Scott via my brother. This is the defining band of my childhood. I can't believe this is on the net.

Namejoanie purcell
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MessageI can not beleive I came across this website!!!! I saw Blairs Carriage back around 1995or 6 on landsdown street in Bosotn and the band gave out cassettes I got one it was By the Way I played it till it no longer worked. I always wanted a copy of it. I tried to get some of your mp3 but I can not open it. Could you please please please send me a cd? I am a huge fan!!!!

Joanie Purcell
26 Pecksuot Road
Weymouth MA 02191
I will pay you for shipping costs if nessasary. Please write back to me

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MessageThis is taking me back! I have no way to listen to my red vinyl 45 and have been missing Tepid for over a decade. I recently bought a new car and insisted that it had a tape player so that I could play my old swim cap tape! The tepid on that one is okay...thanks for giving me a chance to hear the real thing!

NameDave Fitz
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Referred By:Walt man
MessageOne of my favorite all time recordings...Swim Cap. Thanks for putting up the site...too cool, thanks Walt-man for clueing me in...

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