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MessageHey just came across this site by accident.Can't believe it I used to see Blair's Carriage at wbru rock hunt and one of my first times was at club Baby Head in providence. where I was lucky enough to get a red vynil album which is framed on my wall as we speak! so many people are missing out by never hearing Tepid!!! Where are you guys ?????????????????????????????

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MessageA dank and rainy night in Cambridge. Our band was playing a mid-week empty show at TT's. And suddenly, Blair's Carriage. I lost my Swimcap cassette about 8 years ago, and have looked high and low for you guys. When I found this page today, I could hardly believe it. I'm a sucker for a song, and I have to admit, when I played Lori's Curb, I started to cry. That song just blows me away. Is this stuff covered by BMI or Ascap? I work at a small radio station in Vail, Colorado and would love to play it on air. Thanks, and best wishes

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MessageWe saw Blair's play lots of different locations - one of my favorite shows was Rocky Point Park in RI. The Taunton Green, Lupos, the Met Cafe, Roseland Ballroom (the guys played a show for a fundraiser for our Earth Service Corps at Coyle-Cassidy HS, where we were students (and avid Blair's Carriage fans)), the Living Room.... etc. etc. Thanks for posting this site - the music brings me back!

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Messagefinally got access to the internet. and bumping into Scott today reminded me of how much I love the band. smilie


What a great site! The pictures brought back many great memories. I took the band photos for each demo and had not seen them for many years. I'll never forget driving with Blair's to Worcester on the coldest night of the winter with no heat and a serious problem with exhaust fumes. It was worth the trip to see them play at Bowler's. Thanks again for bringing me back.


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Messagesome of the new mp3 links don't work. I want to hear this stuff again! Thanks for putting this up!

MessageI'll never forget the first time I heard BC. Actually, the first time it was only Scot. My band was playing some outdoor gig with another local band, Bob's Day Off, and then this guy with a guitar steps up and just blows everyone away. Then he swung on the swings for a while. Now that is true rock and roll.

Awesome to see this site up!!!!

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MessageWow, this takes me back. What a great band. Hell, if the Eagles can reunite and David Lee Roth can get back with VH, surely BC could put together a gig? Thanks for posting the MP3's as well. They'll be in my playlist by the morning.

NameTom Flynn
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MessageThis site is great, I saw the band many times at Babyhead, Lupo's, and of course the farewell show at the Met. I've been looking for these songs for years, and in a moment of boredom at work today Googled the band and found this website! Thanks for providing the mp3s!

Messagewhere did this come from? about a surprise someone from work asked me the names of some bands i was in and they looked them up online and said we had a website and i was like..."no we don't" and here it is....kind of cool...I have some stuff we never released and i'll email the files to anyone who's interested. Just drop me a line. Be sure to pick up the new Wheat album too. Ricks in Wheat now. Take Care.


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