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NameSharon Smith
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MessageHave owned this book & DVD for years. It’s a story that touches my soul. I’ve enjoyed re-watching DVD & re-reading them multiple times! Actually, am watching the DVD now, & it continues to be one of my favorite stories!

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MessageRead the letters between Helene and Frank under the spring sun in my room, feel so great. the friendship cross the Atlantic ocean in 70 years early moved so many people, include me. thank you so much Helene.

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MessageFew years ago I readed this book.The friendship shown in the book makes me envious and yearning.
Years later,once I open the guestbook,feeling of loss flooded in.Maybe I should have known,it's a difficult thing that "I will meet another at the opposite of this book..."

Namezixia wang
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MessageIt's raining continuously these days. I met this book by chance. For it, it's really known for a long time, maybe five or six years, maybe ten years. After one day's reading, I thought a lot, had a lot of questions, and also had a lot of feelings. I saw this friendship across the Atlantic Ocean and the recovery of Britain after the war. I have to say that life is such an accident, many unexpected encounters, many unspeakable fates, wonderful.

NameJulia Zhang
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MessageIt's really delightful to read the book. Mr. Jianming Chen has translated it vividly. Then I just purchased a English copy and found this website. It's surprising and touching.
I was laughing, smiling, enjoying, thinking, imaging and so many other emotions came upon while I was reading. It's soft and warm. I do not feel pity for Helen not being able to visit the Marks & Co, Bookshop, because I know that both Helene and Frank had the most beautiful thing ever. There are someone there understanding each other, missing each other, helping each other; so that the 20 plus years did not seem boring and long, it was vivid, it was pleasant, it was wonderful. Thank you!

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MessageThank you for maintaining and updating this site. I recently revisited my copy of the book, and also watched the film. These brought me to tears as I recall parallels during the past fifty years of my life as an Anglophile with transatlantic friends over several decades. Aside from a charming storyline the reminder is not to let "life" get in the way, preventing the long-promised visit to someone, etc. This book reminds us that life is precious and all too brief. Savor every moment, cherish every day, follow your passions and make ones dreams happen.

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MessageI am glad to see this book today,I like this book very much.I will go to London one day. Life is so good ,hope people who see this email will be happy everyday!

NameFelicia Chen
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MessageMy friend recommended this book to me last year,and I just finished reading it today.I love the friendship between Ms.Hanff and the bookstore.Very rosy and incredible in itself!
I visited UK last month,but I didn't go where the bookstore located.I think it is undesirable.
Finally,I wanna see the friend who recommended this book to e.Love the book loving you.

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Messagein fact, i am inrested in this book, a famous movie mentioned this book in 2016, i got immersed in its sentence fromthis time. when i find theis website today, i keep on enjoy something interesting, yeah,the website is not only realiable but also useful. i feel excited and happy. as a chinese, i fond of reading this book and surfinging online, will introduce it to my friend i believe they would like <84 charing cross road>.

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