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NameTim Koons
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MessageI just finished reading Marty Appel's new book "Munson" today and must say it brought back some great memories. Unfortunately it also vividly took me back to that day in August 1979 when the life of this 9 year old boy changed. Munson was my hero, I had all his baseball cards, a Yankee jersey, a plastic batting helmet which I numbered 15 to match his, I was a catcher and wore the # 15 on my Little League team. I lived and loved baseball. I had never even thought about let alone dealt with death. I was in a mall with my parents in Carlisle Pa that afternoon. I heard the news and just couldn't , just wouldn't believe it. I cried so hard right there in public in front of many people I had never met nor seen before, it didn't matter, my hero was gone and in a way so was a little of my childhood. Death was real not a fantasy. Reading Appels book today I connected with all those people described in the late chapters of the book. The family, friends , teammates all suffered such a great loss. Today I again cried as I did that day. Thurman was a great player and a great hero and deserves to be in the Hall. Lets get him there!!!!!!!!! Thanks for reading and Go Yankees!!!

NameScott D.
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MessageAs the 2009 World Series is in progress (Game 4 tonight)and I just finished reading Marty Appel's new book on Mr. Thurman Munson, I realized that this would be the perfect time to ask Copperstown to induct #15 into the Hall of Fame!
Wouldn't it be great to hear the current players make a statement about it while their celebrating
a 27th World Chamionship?! How about it Jorge?!
I think that not only the Baseball Numbers should be considered but also The Competitor,The Teammate,The Captain, The Champion.
There are a few moments in life that a generation will always remember where they were when that particular event happened. For me, (14 Years old at that time)the news of Thurman is one of those times and I'm sure that many, many others will say the same thing. He has touched the lives of many people that didn't even know him and of course of those that did. I think it would be great for those who are well known to really try to get him in along with us fans. Your voice will be noticed more and what a great honor it would be for your friend,your teammate,your Captain.
Good Luck '09 Yankees and to all Yankee players and Yankee Fans,Past,Present and Future, lets get our Teammate, the great NY Yankee catcher Mr. Thurman Munson into the "Hall of Fame".

NamePaul Scheet
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MessageGoose and that Goose is in, it's time for the two of you to get it done! Thurman belongs in the Hall of Fame wearing pinstripes just like you two gentlemen! Thurman was the best catcher in the American League during the 1970s PERIOD! Fisk became a Hall of Famer solely because of his longevity. In their primes, sorry no comparsion. Thurman was a gamer and Fisk was on the DL. Goose and Reggie your captain needs you. Reggie if you are the straw that stirs the drink then you remember that Munson was the entree to that splendid gourmet meal that were the 1970s. Thurman we loved you! Thurman we miss you! Thurman you are a Hall of Famer! Goose...Reggie GET IT DONE!!!

NameGary Feilich
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MessageThurman was one of the toughest and grittiest of the Yankees that I ever saw play, and growing up in the shadows of Yankee Stadium from 1956 through 1975, I saw quite a few of the truly superstars of baseball. I saw Mantle, Maris, Ford, Berra, Howard, Jackson, and many others, but there was always a special attachment to #15. That attachment became even stronger on Aug. 2, 1979, as I lost my own Dad on that day as well. It was such a sad day as two great men left my life but are still remembered with fondness and love more than 30 years later.

Namebaseball fan
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MessageAwesome! People forget the intangibles of Thurman...he was truly the heart and soul.

NameKathy Vass
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MessageAs a child I was, and still am a big fan of Thurman Munson, who died to soon. He should be in the baseball hall of fame. I have Thurmans baseball cards, a yankee tee shirt with the # 15 on it and the name Munson. 15 is my favorite/lucky number. smilie

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MessageThurman defines what being a Yankee was and should be all about...he left it all on the field, a great example for players (and kids who want to be) to follow.

I still wear #15 as I coach my kids team in honor and memory of would be great to see it in the Hall!

Namenicole deeter
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Messagethis is my great uncle smilie i think he deseves to be in the hall of fame

MessageGet Thurman in the hall!! He deserves it!!

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