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NameLance Herzing
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Messagemore importantly Thurman re-invorgorated a franchise. Established a code of conduct and hustle that brought the Yankees back to the forefront. His numbers stack-up against any catcher of his era. I know his career was cut short and you don't get voted in to the hall on "what might have beens" but other players whoe careers were cut short that are in the hall might have had disappointing seasons later if they had played longer, diminishing their overall stats. One might say over extending their stay like Steve Carlton.

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MessageThurman was my favorite baseball player ever since I started watching baseball. There is no
doubt he had has Hall of Fame ability. There
are two sides to this. There are many players
that are in Thurman Munsons' category, that were
execptional but not in the Hall of Fame. One thing is, that the Hall of Fame generally has a
minimum of 15 years of playing time for the players inducted. Thurman played from 1969-1979. I think his best season was 1973, but the 1975-1977 seasons are generally considered his best. It just that, if the Hall of Fame is going to use longevity instead of ability then we are going to let them know it isn't right. Fisk and Bench and more seasons under their belt....and that's how it is. It doesn't matter if Thurman is not in the Hall of Fame. That is not Thurman's fault or his fan's fault. He is a Hall of Famer hands down. The Hall of Fame is the reason why he is not in the Hall of Fame. No other reason.

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MessageThurman was my favorite. I remember the thrill of being in Yankee Stadium for the first time. The first sight of the blue seats, the green grass and HOME plate will never be forgotten. It was because THURMAN was the captain and my hero!

VOTE him in.

Namephilip ippolito
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MessagePut in #15. Thurman Munson

NameDonny Baseball
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MessageI can not believe it has been 30 years with the passing of Thurman Munson. It is a shame that Thurman is not in the HOF. How can Carlton Fisk get in the hall of fame? Longevity!! An average player who played for many years. Thurman was not given that opportunity nor would he have needed it. As Ken Petroski stated" Thurman was OLD SCHOOL" and played the game hard. He took the field with something to prove. I was 11 years old when he passed and I remember that day and the night when Bobby Murcer drove in 5 RBI's to beat the O's. Let's get Thurman Munson # 15 into the HOF. I was fortunate enough to go to OLD Timers Day this year and Thurman still gets the loudest cheers as he is introduced. He was my favorite player as a Yankee. He is "The Captain" and even Derek Jeter knows that by calling him Mr. Munson. Some day Derek Jeter might get the applause that Thurman once got. Do you remember watching him get banged up behind the plate? Every night they had to ice him down as his body ached. As George Steinbrenner once said "He is a Warrior". Thurman Munson belongs in the HALL OF FAME. How and why is Kirby Puckett in the HOF? I thought that Kirby Puckett was a borderline HOF. Thurman Munson and Pete Rose were the same player and they played the game old school "Hard" and they hustled. Lets GO #15. It is your time! PEACE!

Donny Baseball - South Windsor, CT


NameSoraya Purvis
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MessageThurm died so young...we will never know the added statistics that could have been generated if his career had not been cut short. However, the stats we do have are comparable and can stand against any MLB catcher from the past and presently. We should honor this great baseball player posthumously and induct him into the Hall of Fame.

We as fans of the game of baseball will not rest until this happens.

Understand it is not a Yankee thing or fancy it is however about greatness. Thurm touched everyone in baseball and he has made a difference.
Old baseball legends never die...they just continue to live on in the hearts of their fans.

Please vote Thurmon into the Hall of Fame.

NameKathy McCann
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MessageI still remember the day Thurman Munson died, and I was only 9 years old. The Yankees were so great in the 70's because of Thurman. He deserves to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Another year should not pass by before this happens.

NameWill Cederberg
MessageThurman should be in the HOF for several reasons but I'll just mention one. Both Roy Campanella and Thurman Munson's careers were cut short at 10 years. Thurman's stats are better in just about every offensive category accept for homeruns. Capanella is in. Lets be fair HOF!

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MessageThurman was one of the best at his position. not just his play but his character on and off the field should get the guys thinking about voting him in. 30 years later everyone is still talking about how he would crawl behind the plate hurt and still wanted to play the game he loved. He was the captain that everybody went to and everytime you hear about or see Diane and the kids at any Old timers Day you want to just say thank you. Some of us still mourn him but like Diane said on a recent show that was aired remember the good that Thurman was to his family and all of us fans. RIP THURMAN and god bless his whole family. VOTE THURMAN IN THE HALL OF FAME AND LET HIM FILL HIS LOCKER THAT IS THERE.

NameBrent May
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MessageBeen a Yankee fan since the mid 60's and if anyone should be in the hall it's Thurman! He is what a catcher is suppose to be like.
Hopefully, we arn't the only ones who see this.

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