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MessageA number of Jack's radio performances can be found and listened to for free at:

NameCindy Mellor
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MessageSo happy to discover this site dedicated to Jack. Scanning through the guestbook makes me so glad he will never be forgotten. I grew up being entertained by Jack too. He could make me laugh and make me cry. Some of my fave's, Roughly Speaking, Mildred Pierce, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. I have not seen the remake of A Star is Born yet. Can't wait to see his performance. Also enjoy his partnership withe Dennis Morgan. Did catch on TCM Jack emceeing/greeting celebrities arriving to the premiere of A Star is Born. They don't make em like that anymore! Love you Jack!

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MessageThere are few actors as delightful, solid, or versatile as Jack Carson. Thanks for a great salute to a great actor.

NameDavid Benson
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MessageRecently discovered Jack Carson movies, what a great talent!

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NameScott Arceneaux
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MessageA Wonderful Talent!

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MessageSomeone should write a biography about JackCarson. He is one of my favorites.

NameDan Feldman
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MessageI have a Jack Carson radio show from 1958 that my father recorded in Germany off of AFN when I was 4 years old. I still listen to it from time to time; it's very laid-back and enjoyable. It's like a variety/talk show rather than a sitcom format like the shows from the 40s you listed. Do you know anything about this variety/talk show Jack had on the radio, such as how long it aired and where, if possible, I can buy or download more of these programs?

NameKent Ingram
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MessageJack Carson is probably the most underrated actor in Hollywood history. He had a wide, wonderful range in his acting abilities and it's a damn shame that Jack Warner, as well as the directors Jack worked for, didn't recognize those abilities and give him more meaty, starring roles. While I always loved his movies, it's his appearance on a "Twilight Zone" episode that always stood out to me. I think it was one of the early videotaped episodes, as well. Jack played a sleazy used-car salesman who, because of a mysterious customer's intervention, found himself incapable of telling a lie to potential customers. Brilliant! God rest his soul and thanks, Jack, for the memories.

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MessageTo Brandy and any others who actually knew Jack...I would be very interested in corresponding some with you as sadly he passed away before I was even born, but is my favorite actor. [email protected] is my email address.

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