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Namebyron blau
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Messagejack carson should have won an oscar for his role in mildred pierce, he was one of the greatest character actors in hollywood.he was equally good at comedy as in serious my opinion he could have played lead in the music man or lead in marty.he was that of a kind.

NameMcCormick Brubaker
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MessageMy Parents rented his home in Sherman Oaks, Ca in the late 60s .. what I recall the most was his collection on coffee mugs with creatures at the bottom of the mug. MLB

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MessageTalented Actor. Drama and Comedy were completely within his domain. His performance on The Twilight Zone as Hunneycut the car salesman is a Classic. God Bless always. Legendary is his status, always close and alive in the hearts of his fans and loved ones. True Genius...

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MessageGod Bless Jack Carson, a great actor and man. I sure wish there was a book on him out there. He lead a fascinating life. Let's all try and keep his memory alive. Thanks for the website.......

NamePaul McGoran
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MessageJack Carson was the perfect character actor. I only wish he had been given more dramatic roles. Everyone remembers him for Mildred Pierce and his similar role in A Star Is Born, and it's easy to see why. He was brilliant.

But more people should check out his work in Roughly Speaking, opposite Rosalind Russell, a film in which he had to fulfill the romantic leading man role as well flesh out an idiosyncratic personality. No one else in Hollywood could have done it better, with the possible exception of Cary Grant. Yes, he was THAT good.

NameMary Aversano
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MessageJack Carson has been one of my favorite actors in my lifetime. I have also been in theatre all my life. My favorite films of Jack was the first Doris Day's picture in 1948 "Romance on the High Seas" and "My Dream Is Yours". TCM has been showing a lot of Doris Day's films with Jack Carson lately. I do not think that Jack was truly appreciated by the industry. He was never given starring roles to fully see the potential and talent that he truly had. I will continue to see his films on and on again till the end of my lifetime. It is so sad that he left this earth so young. I liked these films becaus he gave me so much pleasure from watching them. I only hope that he is at peace now and is bringing happiness and joy in the hereafter.

Namegeorge taylor
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MessageJack Carson was great. I first came to like him in Arsonic and Old Lace, he can make a great face. TCM has been showing a lot of him lately w/ Dorris Day.

NameFrances (Jack Carson Webmaster)
MessageLiza, it's a great movie and a favourite performance of mine. I am totally ashamed that I haven't been able to update this site - there is still so much out there. I hope to get a block of time during the summer and will do something then.

Many of you may not be aware that Catherine Carson died last year - she was a great supporter of this site and she also told me that she had a hand written copy of her Dad's book, which I know that a lot of you are curious about. Although I am not certain where that would be now.

Her obituary and other information can be found at: ""

Nameliza daniels
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Messagejust watched mildred pierce (again) last
wow! that character was made for him. of course, th
that is what made him so phenomenal...he made
every part he played his.
one of my absolute favorite actors, thanks for the

NameGeorge Bain
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MessageI too am a great fan of Jack Carson. I first
really noticed how versatile of an actor he was
in the movie, the Male Animal. He could play the comic so well in movies, but had more depth than
just comedy.

In Mildred Pierce he again shows great range as
an actor. He was a great character actor who like
so many others are often not appreciated.

Thanks for the site, it is a great tribute!

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