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NameCarol M Alesia
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MessageWhenever he appeared in a film, he made it better than it otherwise would have been without him. He had more talent than most and was given less credit than he deserved. His career was much too short and that is our loss. Given more time, perhaps he would have had the opportunity to play the kind of roles he deserved. But, the total of his work which he left behind is a rich legacy.

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MessageP.S.: Mr. Jack Carson was a professional thief! He absolutely stole every single scene he was in!

They really broke the mold when he was born. Can't think of a contemporary actor who can hold a candle to his quick wit!

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MessageOkay, I'm 51 and I find him fascinating to this day! I think he was smart-as-a-whip, sexy, silly, lovable and complicated!

His wit and humor is really uncompromised even to this day!

Such a needless death that could have been prevented, and such a loss for all of his fans, even almost 50 years later. Boo hoo hoo for all of us.

Just can't think of a film where he failed.

Funny as heck in Love Crazy with William Powell and Myrna Loy, so if you haven't seen it yet, check it out because the entire movie is such a hoot!

Just goes to show, you can't keep a good man (or woman) down, even past death. May his legacy live forever!

Best wishes to his surviving kin!

Best wishes to all of his fans!

May you rest in peace, Mr. Jack Carson!

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MessageGod bless to a Great actor and funny man he was my
favorite actor , As a young boy I enjoyed his so much I had a very difficult childhood and he was so
great I hide in is character I learned from him believe it or not Jack help me through a rough period and I became a successful Businessman and family man , so his successful career help me in
my life as a father and my own career

NameErnie Sheriff
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MessageI met Jack as a young kid while he was playing stage in Monterey, CA. My father the show's drummer passed this last summer but I will always remember the fun they both had during and after the show. I always treasure the moment I first met Jack and continue with the fondest memories of him some 50 years later.
A true American Icon.

Ernie Sheriff
San Diego, CA

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MessageYou can't think of a fast-talking agent or press guy and NOT hear Jack Carson's voice. He had a wonderful range as an actor and one can only wish he had gotten the chance to play "Marty" - which propelled Borgnine to fame. Or think of how he could have done any of the Philip Marlowe movies so much better than the men who got the parts. I hope that wherever he is Jack knows that he is admired and remembered.

NameSeth Webster
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MessageI am Jack Carson's grandson -- Thanks for putting together a very nice tribute site, Frances. And, thanks to everyone for appreciating his wonderful body of work.


Seth Webster

NameRobert Young
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MessageI have an interesting link to Jack Carson.

A friend of mine, Tom Wilkinson, served in the US Navy with Stan Jolley during WW II. Stan was the brother of Jack Carson's second wife. Small world!!

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