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MessageI never saw Mr. Carson give a bad performance on film. What a gifted actor.

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NameJoyce N.
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MessageI remember many late-night black and white films with Jack Carson on TV and also at our neighborhood theater. He was so under-rated as an actor, yet I remember him fondly. It was very nice to find this site on the computer. Thank you. Brings back lots of memories. RIP, Jack!

NameMalcolm James
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Im glad someone contributed a site to this great entertainer. I loved all of Jacks pictures
and think that he contributed a great deal of wealth to Warner Bros wallet in the golden age of Hollywood. He was a very underated entertainer who could sing, dance and act his way through any part. Thank you for starting his site.


NameKevin Butler
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MessageThis is a wonderful tribute to a talented but

neglected performer.

I've seen Mr.Carson's films on tv and he was

one of the few performers..who could perform

in dramas,musicals and comedies.

Of all his favorites are.."A Star is Born",

"Cat On A Hot Tin Roof","My Dream Is Yours" and

"The Good Humor Man!".

Thanks for creating this tribute to Mr.Carson.


Many thanks for the great message and support for the site.

You're right about Jack being overlooked - I think he was taken for granted a lot of the time. There are so many films that are miles better for having Jack Carson in them.

MessageJack Carson was an amazing entertainer. No matter how big or little the picture, his presence never failed to make it about ten times brighter. He was at his best in parts that called for a big, sweet, lovable goof with an air of childish innocense. Just as his friends claim he was in real life.

Thsnks so much for helping preserve the memory of an actor way too many people overlook.

NameAnna Kozlowski
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MessageI just wanted to say how Mr. Carson has given me hours of entertainment .
He was truly a talented and very handsome man. I am greatful that his movies are available to watch. I am also very graetful there is aplace to say so.

Namealan b sullivan
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Messagei love this guy! see him in "Arsenic and Old Lace" and you'll love him too. has anyone noticed the uncanny resemblance that actor Kyle Chandler has to Jack Carson? watch Kyle in "Early Edition" and its like watching Jack in action. i wonder.....

NameSam Katz
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MessageI'm thrilled to know there are so many Jack Carson fans out there! As a life-long movie buff, I've always felt this tremendous actor/singer/dancer/vaudevillian was one of the truly underrated performers in film history ... and it is gratifying to know there are so many others who appreciate his talents and want to preserve his legacy. I keep waiting for TCM to create one of their mini-docs honoring Carson -- or better yet, make him their "Star of the Month." Maybe we could all hound them to do so! I turned 52 this year and it is hard to believe Carson left us at such a vital age. I look forward to checking in with this website periodically for more info and photos. Thanks to the webmaster for all your hard work creating and hosting this site! Best regards to all of Jack's fellow fans.

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