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Messageho conosciuto la vostra splendida cittadina grazie alla fondazione di don Giustino Rossi... da due anni seguo attentamente il vostro sito e vi faccio i miei complimenti.... smilie
Cmq mi piacerebbe che ci aggornaste un pò di più sul proseguo della fondazione!!! smilie

NameJohn F Lennon
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MessageMy great grandfather came from torticella, my grandmother has done a lot of research her name is Irene De Lellis Lennon. This is a really nice website I would love to visit this town someday.

NameNola Mahoney
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MessageI have always been fascinated with Toricella since my grandfather Anthony Porreca (mastredinate)told me stories of his life there and his journey to America. He loved his town traveling back there over 5 times, raised money for the town and church and organized fixing the organ of one of the churches. His brother Francesco(who came to America in the 70's along with his nephew Mario Porreca of Naples with sons Sylvestro, Massimo and Fabio and wife Anna) lived there till he died and Francesco's widow Virginia passed away not long ago. Their daughters still are associated with the town. My grandfather raised 4 children here in the States and was very successful in life and business. He died at 100. My mother, Nola, (whom I am named after)was his only daughter and pride and joy. She has journeyed to TP several times and walked the same paths and streets as her father did. I hope that life offers me the chance to bring my family to Toricella, to meet all the wonderful people of the town and to see the home my grandfather was born and raised in. I send my regards to everyone there and hope that anyone reading this who may remember my family or knows any relatives will write and say "Hello"........Nola

NameJoe and Kathy Propersi
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MessageWe recently had the pleasure of visiting TorricellPeligna and staying at the Hotel Cape for 3 days. Our stay was absolutely delightful. Our hosts, Rosanna, Egenio, and Nicollo DiBerardino, and Lucca were wonderful and made us feel part of the family. Rosanna is a great chef...our three suppers were easily the best food of our 30 day Italy trip. Great location with easy access to the Adriatic. We would stay at The Hotel Cape again!

Joe and Kathy Propersi

NameMassimo (Cerco famiglia Marrone)
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MessageSalve,curioso di sapere se'ho relativi qui in'america,vivo in california, ma' sono nato a Palermo,il nome di mio nonno Marrone Vincenzo, che'come sappia tramite mamma Marrone Filippa ho' relativi a Newyork,la nonna si chiamava Gueli Giuseppina.
La famiglia Marrone ha Newyork hanno ristoranti,

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MessageCiao Gianni

Micha questo messaggio era dedicato a me?? Sai...ho un cuginetto in America...e chissà! Forse sei te?!

Salutino Sonia smilie


Private Message added 2008-02-18

NameRose Persichette
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MessageHi I'm Rose Persichette I'm trying to locate some of my husband Bills family. His Grandfather was Marziale Persichitti(Aug.19,1869) son of VincenzoPersichitti (Nov. 21,1832) and Maria Giuseppa Ficca ( Sept. 18, 1836). We went to Torricella in hopes to find some family but We had no luck.We would like to know more about our family ties for our children. We were informed that there were Persichette families there but most have moved away. If there is anyone that might be able to help us, We sure would appreciate any help We can get. Also We are trying to find any information on Teresa DeMartino (1884) would had came from Chieti she was married we think by proxy to Marziale about 1907 or 1908. WE haven't been able to get any information on her before she came to the United States. They came to Colorado and started their family four boys and two girls she died when the childern were very small. We would appreciate anything we could find on her also.

NameDean Piccirilli
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MessageMy Grandfather was Nicola Piccirelli
Piccirelli Nicola 117

Nameray & lee walker
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MessageHi and a Happy New Year to everyone at Torricella, Thank you for making us so welcome at New Year (as you always do). What a great New Years eve party at Hotel Capa thanks to all the staff etc.
A big hello to all at Bar Penna Nera look forward to our next visit!!!
We will be seeing a lot more of you this year and cannot wait to come back to our home in your lovely village
Thank you all again and God Bless you.

Ray, Lee & kerry xxx

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