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NameGiuseppina Clotilde Antrilli
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NameRex Fabrizio
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MessageI was wondering if anyone knows of a cemetery near Ripa Bianca. I have relatives that lived there in mid 1800's that I cannot find in Torricella cemetery.

NameStephanie Snow
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MessageMy paternal grandfather was born and raised in Toricella Peligna, Vincenzo Palizzi. I found this wonderful website while researching his past. Thank you for all the information I have found here.



NamePatrick del Duca
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MessageTorricella Peligna era il paese di mio padre che si chiamava Carmine del Duca (nato nel 1922, morto in Francia nel 1997), suo padre (Nicola del Duca, nato nel 1893) era vedovo e aveva sposato in seconde nozze Maddalena Manzi (nata nel 1905). Dopo la Seconda Guerra mondiale mio padre è emigrato in Francia e non è più tornato in Italia, non ha più visto la sua famiglia per ragioni che non conosco. Vorrei sapere se ho ancora dei parenti a Toricella. Grazie in anticipo per il vostro aiuto.

NameFrancine T Jones
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MessageTorricella Peligna is the birthplace of my paternal grandparents and great grandparents. My nonno and nanna were Giuseppe Porreca and Giuseppina Piccoli.

NamePaula Piccone Nowell
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MessageSearching for relatives of my father, Filippo Piccone. He was born in 1934 in Torricella Peligna. He is the son of Candida (DeLaurentis) and Marziale Piccone. His sisters are Giacinta and Marianna.

Private Message added 2019-10-31

NameWilliam R. DIMarino
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MessageI will arrive with 8 other cugino next Friday on Nov.1, 2019 to visit Marziale y Giovanna DiMarino. Olives will be picked after arrival.

Love to be back in TP. We were there in August when it was warm. Next week...not so warm. smilie

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MessageHello, my wife and I will be in T.P. this Sept.12-14., 2019. My great grandmother, Anna Rose DiLuzio, was born in T.P Italy in 1892.Daughter of Pietro and Rosa (Piccoli) DiLuzio. She came to America via Naples when she was 16. Where she met and married my great grandfather, Carmine Piccone, also from Torricella Peligna. If there is anybody with family information, I would love to speak to you and maybe meet you when we arrive.

NameDolores Teti Cavaliere
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MessageReposting this with mother's maiden name!

My mother Addolorata (Tina) Melchiorre Teti was born July 6, 1900 in Torricella Peligna.
She married my father Camillo Teti and they came to the US, first to NJ then settled in South Philadelphia.
Any relatives out there? We'd love to connect with you.

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