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Namecesar murari
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Messagepara Pamela Piccoli

Informo que aqui em Jaguari, Rio Grande do Sul/Brasil, chegou en 21/11/1895 o imigrante ANTONIO PICCOLI, com 42 anos, casado com Maria Vall´Alta, com 3 filhos.

Private Message added 2013-08-15

NamePaul Steven Ficca
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MessageWe are visiting Torricella Peligna on July 15, 2013 and would be very interested in meeting any Ficca relatives. My great grandfather by the name of Nicholas Sargeant Ficca traveled from Torricella Peligna as a child to the USA in 1888 with his parents, Govina & Camillo. Nicholas had several sons and daughters after settling in the Spokane area of Washington State in the USA. My grandfather was Phillip Ficca, son of Nicholas.

I can be contacted at +1-206-423-2094 or at my email [email protected]

NameYvette Wilson
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MessageI am looking for my family!!!! Giovina Bellotto b 1895. Mother was Maria Pica. Falther is unknown. She was adopted by a Maurice Diluzio, and her eldest adopted brother escorted her to America in 1913, and gave her away to be married in Philadelphia in 1915.

I would appreciate any help!
Yvette Wilson

NameDeborah Bailey
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MessageA very happy Christmas to you all in Torricella and Colle de Zingaro Have fun!

NameRob Morgan
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MessageUn saluto a tutti a Torricella Peligna! Mia madre-in-law Lilliana Cionni e suo fratello, il compianto Dr. Joesph Cionni sono entrambi da lì. Ho visitato per la prima volta nel mese di ottobre ed è stata scattata con la bellezza del luogo. Sto facendo una ricerca sulla città e sono alla ricerca di fotografie di Torricella durante la seconda guerra mondiale. Qualsiasi aiuto sarebbe molto apprezzato! Ciao!
Greetings to all in Torricella Peligna! My mother-in-law Lilliana Cionni and her brother the late Dr. Joesph Cionni are both from there. I visited for the first time in October and was taken with the beauty of the place. I am doing some research on the town and am looking for any photos of Torricella during WWII. Any assistance would be much appreciated! Ciao!

NameCarol Tate (Teti) Cannon
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageI posted in this Guest Book several years ago hoping to make contact with someone who might know something about my paternal grandparents Nicola Teti and Maria Piccoli whose marriage record I just found today on this site.

1891 7 TETI Nicola PICCOLI Maria

I live in a suburb of Philadelphia Pa and have a portrait of my grandparents taken in the USA in 1900. Also with them in the portrait are their 2 children born in Torricella Peligna, Vincenzo and Antonia. I have other pictures that might be of interest and also a way for me to honor them.

Namemarziale di marino
Locationclick picture for more information
Messagevivo a torricella e aiuto molte persone a ritrovare
le loro origine mia moglie ed io parliamo inglese e francese un saluto a tutti.Marziale e Giovanna
Hi if you need help to find your family in torricella please contact us .It will be a pleasure
to help you Marziale and Giovanna

NameYoup Kila
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageIt is good to see daily life in Torricella all the way from Belgium. smilie
Greetings to the Penna Nera, Nicola from the hotel, the pizzeria and of course the Ficca family.
All the others: we did not forget you. But we will see you next time. Hopefully.

Name[email protected]
Locationclick picture for more information
MessagePretty place !

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